After SNP MPs and viewers complain about the ‘lackof representation’ in Scotland, Channel 4 is looking for a Scottish family that will appear on Gogglebox

  • Channel 4 funds a casting group to search for a Scottish family who will star in Gogglebox
  • Pete Wishart was the Chairman of Scottish Affairs Committee and he welcomed the decision 
  • Alex Mahon, chief executive of Channel 4, told MPs that there would be a separate budget

Channel 4 has announced that it will search for a Scottish family who can make an appearance on Gogglebox. This is after an SNP MP complained and viewers complained. 

The pledge to fund a dedicated casting team to find a Scottish family before the end of the year was made after Scottish Tory leader, Douglas Ross, told bosses there had not been a Scottish family on the programme since 2016.

Pete Wishart MP was the Chairman of Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee. This decision came after his evidence session in which he discussed public broadcasting in Scotland, Channel 4. 

Channel 4 is set to look for a Scottish family to appear on Gogglebox (pictured) after an SNP MP and viewers complained about the 'lack of representation' on the show

After a complaint from viewers and an SNP MP, Channel 4 will be looking for a Scottish family that can appear on Gogglebox.

Gogglebox is now on its 18th season. It has featured only one Glasgow family: the Manuel’s.

Alex Mahon from Channel 4 stated to the committee, “We get complaints about Gogglebox not being represented. It is one of the biggest shows we have.”

This was described by her as a “continued pressure” and she has written to MPs to confirm the agreement of a separate budget to fund a casting team that will find the right family from Scotland to star on the show.

The programme has received the National Television Awards and BAFTAs since the beginning of the new year. It is expected that at most one Scottish family will appear on it.

At the September 20 session of Scottish Affairs Committee MPs discussed a range of issues, including the privatization of Channel 4 and its presence in Scotland as well as the effect Covid-19 has on the production companies.

Chairman of the Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster, Pete Wishart MP, (pictured) welcomed the decision

Pete Wishart MP (pictured), Chairman of Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee, welcomed the decision

Ms. Wishart stated that Channel 4 is a strong supporter of independent producers, and offers opportunities to young people who want to learn more about the sector.

“We are full of talent here in Scotland. I’m happy to hear Channel 4’s attempts to tap this potential.

“One theme that came up during our evidence session was the absence of a Scottish family in Gogglebox.

“It seems that others have approached this channel with the same concern and often offered themselves as an option.

“I’m therefore happy to see such a dedicated group and I look forward to the success of the family in our new series.” 

Ms Mahon addressed a letter to Mr Wishart and stated that: “Since we met, we have agreed a separate Budget with Studio Lambert for an exclusive casting team that is tasked specifically with finding the right Scottish family.

“The casting season is well underway, and it will end just before Christmas.

“The aim is to locate at least one Scottish family for Gogglebox casting in the next series that will air in 2019.”