A brother of a girl who was missing from school claimed that the boy had been cut up and served as kebab meat. He then went on to be crushed into tile grouting. This happened just days before Christmas.  

Robert Downes (30), was found dead at his Blackpool home on December 4, just hours after he complained of feeling sick.

This tragedy occurs 18 years after Charlene downes (14), vanished from the resort. It triggered one of the largest police investigations ever.

Charlene may have been sexually abused by her husband, but police believe she was killed. Her body is still missing.

Charlene, a teen victim of the murder at her local Take-Away in Mai 2007, was convicted by two men.

However, charges against the accused were dropped after a jury failed to reach a verdict.

Robert’s mother Karen, 56, was distraught and said that Christmas Day will be a difficult one.

The body of Robert Downes, 30, was discovered at the family home in Blackpool, Lancashire, on December 4 just a few hours after complaining of feeling unwell

Robert Downes (aged 30) was found in his family’s Blackpool, Lancashire home, just hours after feeling unwell.

The tragedy comes 18 years after Charlene Downes, 14, vanished without a trace from the seaside resort, sparking one of the biggest police investigations in history

This tragedy occurs 18 years after Charlene downes (14), vanished from the resort without leaving a trace. It triggered one of the largest police investigations ever.

She stated, “I’m devastated.” It’s still unbelievable to me. It’s still hard to believe that he will knock the door.

“Losing Charlene as well as him is too hard. I’m sorry it has been 18 years but it just doesn’t get any better. It will never happen again.

Robert was my baby boy and the only child in the family. It’s hard to forget what it feels like losing a child.

“I am bursting into tears everyday, and I’m sitting right now. The last shirt he wore is still mine.

“There are not Christmas decorations in my house.” We won’t have a Christmas Day. It absolutely devastated me.

Robert, a father of four, spent Christmas Eve with Enya Cardwell, the mother of his children.

Robert Sr. was his driver and he set out with Robert Jr. to Blackpool FC’s Bloomfield Road stadium, where he worked in stewardship.

Robert became ill shortly after arriving at the hospital.

After returning home around 6.30pm, he fell asleep in his upstairs bedroom. That was the last time that he was ever seen alive.

Robert Sr. returned to his home at 11.30pm. He checked on his son upstairs and discovered him unconscious on the bedroom floor, covered in blood.

Robert died at the scene after paramedics arrived. It is believed that his death was not suspicious.

Karen explained that she had only seen him the morning before and that he looked healthy. He was gone, they said. They just said, “sorry, he’s gone.” I just cried.

“He was fine that morning. He was then dead on the floor a few hours later.

The worst was when they took him with them in the bag. It’s unreal. He was 30. It was sudden.

The post-mortem results were inconclusive. His family will now have to wait for the inquest.

It is a devastating loss for Charlene’s family 18 years after she disappeared with her 14-year old daughter on November 1, 2003.

Police believe Charlene was murdered by men who had been sexually abusing her but her body has never been found

Although Charlene is believed to have been murdered by her sexually abused men, police never found her corpse.

Karen last saw her at 7.15pm on that same day. She then kissed Karen goodbye at a Church Street bus stop as she was on her way home to see friends in town.

She was last seen by police on April 1, and it is believed that she was killed within hours. There are suspicions that she may have been the victim of child sexual abuse.

Charlene disappeared, and the loss of her loved ones was devastating. Robert took Karen into his care when Karen could no longer cope.

He struggled at school and was expelled for hitting another student who taunted over the rumours about his sister being murdered and made into kebabs.

He fell in drug addiction and was later jailed after attacking Karen.

However, she claims that he has made significant improvements since August 2020 when he was released from prison and looks forward to spending time with his kids in the new year.

Karen said, “I was dreaming it was me.” I still do. Although I am now older, I have lived all my life. He has not. He didn’t have a chance.

“He didn’t get over his sister. He was just 12 years old when she disappeared, and he never recovered his teenage years.

“I am not making excuses to him but it affected all of us because we did not get any justice.

“He wanted to know the names of those who had done it, so he tried unsuccessfully.

“Robert was beautiful, outrageous, funny, and loud.

“When he arrived out of prison, August last year, he had lost weight, and he looked so good, that he started going to the gym. From the moment he entered, he was an entirely different man.

“He was not an angel. He had his faults. I won’t give him a glowing halo. He was our boy, and we loved him.

Robert’s funeral will be attended by family members and friends at Carleton Crematorium in January 10.