Nationwide customers are in chaos during Christmas because of a banking glitch that prevents them from spending or receiving money

  • Customers across the country haven’t been able transfer money or received any money since today.
  • This has caused chaos for customers who are unable to get wages or shop in the days before Christmas.
  • It is unclear when these issues will be solved as the current backlog in payments may take up to’several hour’ to clear.
  • Customer have used social media to voice their dissatisfaction, calling it ‘ridiculous and just not good enough’ 

Nationwide customers have been plagued by Christmas shopping chaos, as many are unable or unwilling to purchase gifts.

The company has been criticized by customers, some of whom are unable to access services after 7:01 this morning. 

Some people could not send or receive money, while others could not access their online banking accounts. 

Nationwide claimed that standing orders and direct debits work as normal on its website. 

Nationwide said, “People can still use their cards for shopping and withdrawals from ATMs.” 

To emphasize the status of Nationwide’s payment system, the Nationwide website displayed an error message.

According to them, the team is working hard to fix the issues as soon as they can.

Nationwide encourages customers to check back at the site for any updates. 

Nationwide customers could not transfer or receive money and some could not get into their online banking accounts at all (stock image)

National customers couldn’t transfer money or get money. Some could also not log into their online bank accounts. (stock image).

The Nationwide website has displayed an error message to emphasise the current status of the payment system (pictured)

Nationwide has posted an error message on its website to highlight the current status (pictured).

Many customers have complained on social media about being unable to shop and receive wages before Christmas because of the payment system disruption. 

Twitter user customer One wrote that she received the payment at 7.20pm, eleven hours after receiving it. 

Others said that it was getting absurd and they had been saying for the past 12 hours that they would solve this problem.

A third person said: “Just not good enough.” My son waits impatiently for his PCR test results. Uni is four hours away. Can’t get out. As you can’t afford to pay, it’s impossible for me to order food. Work harder.’

Hundreds of customers who have been unable to receive wages and go shopping before Christmas due to the payment system outage have expressed their frustration on social media (pictured)

Customers who were unable receive their wages or go shopping in time for Christmas have vented frustrations on social media.

One customer wrote: Nationwide are abysmal; I transferred my #Banking to them in Oct & I’ve had nothing but hassle. 

‘Today’s problem; no access to my money, delays of deposits, phone lines have a delay of ‘over 25 minutes’ & they’ve no idea. 

“This is me, now I am moving elsewhere.”

Nationwide’s representative responded, “I appreciate you comments Nigel.

We’re sorry. 

Representatives from Nationwide have been replying to irritated customers who have been unable to make or receive payments for more than 12 hours in many cases

Nationwide has been responding to customers who are frustrated by inability to pay or receive payment for longer than 12 hours. 

The company has said that the processing of payments could take several hours in response to frustrated customers online

According to the company, processing online payments can take several hours due to frustrations from customers 

Another said, “Literally sat there with no food or heat due to this.” 

Nationwide spokeswoman said that outbound payments are currently delayed and not only to individuals’ accounts but also to Nationwide’s current accounts.

“We’re working to solve the problem and apologize for any inconvenience.

“Payments can be resend at any time. These will be handled as soon as possible.

All other services continue to work as normal. Members can still use their cards for payment, to access the Internet Bank, Banking App, or to withdraw cash at ATMs.

A Nationwide spokesperson said: 'Unfortunately, there is currently a delay on outbound payments reaching people's accounts as well as inbound payments reaching Nationwide current accounts'

 A Nationwide spokesperson said: ‘Unfortunately, there is currently a delay on outbound payments reaching people’s accounts as well as inbound payments reaching Nationwide current accounts’