Charles Spencer revealed how a tornado ravaged his Althorp House estate, causing destruction. 

Earl Spencer, 56, shared a glimpse at the carnage at Althorp House, Northampton. This is where he grew-up with Princess Diana. Twitter Page.

He commented: ‘We’ve just had a tornado rip through the Park at ⁦Althorp House ⁩ – dozens of trees badly hit, and an iron lantern torn from the side of one of the lodges. Luckily, no animals hurt.’

His comments were made after storms battered the UK, causing – in some areas, more than a foot of rainfall in 36 hours – roads to be blocked, trains disrupted and homes and buildings flooding.

Charles Spencer, 56, has revealed how a 'tornado' tore through his estate of Althorp House, leaving devastation in its wake (pictured, Earl Spencer at Althorp)

Charles Spencer, 56, has spoken out about how a ‘tornado” tore through his Althorp House estate and left devastation behind (pictured, Earl Spencer at Althorp). 

The Earl described a tornado ripping through the Park at ⁦Althorp House ⁩ and uprooting dozens of trees'

The Earl described a tornado ripping through the Park at ⁦Althorp House ⁩ and uprooting dozens of trees'

The Earl described a tornado ripping through the Park at ⁦Althorp House ⁩ and uprooting dozens of trees’ (pictured left and right) 

The Spencer family has held the estate since 1508. Visitors are welcome to its grounds. However, the estate was closed for part of the past year because the coronavirus epidemic.

Earl Spencer keeps his fans’ attention by sharing photos of the home and grounds on social media.

After separating from Caroline Freud, Earl Spencer married Karen Villeneuve, a Canadian-born woman. From 1989 to 1997, he married Victoria Lockwood, his first spouse.

Charles, the only survivor of Frances Shand Kydd, and John Spencer is the custodian for Althorp.

The estate, which has been the Spencer family seat since 1508 usually welcomes visitors to its grounds, but has been closed for parts of the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic (pictured)

The Spencer family has held the estate since 1508. Visitors are welcome to the grounds. However, the estate was closed for parts this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Extreme UK weather: Britain was battered by TWISTERS and storms this year  

The spinning fingers of cloud are caused by the collision of warm and cool air currents moving in different directions — and they can reach 300mph.

Teesside saw twisters earlier this summer as Britain prepared for the weekend’s storms. 

Turbulent weather caused mini-tornadoes in the North East, including Darlington and Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham. 

A tornado in Wizard of Oz-style hit Barking and Dagenham in East London, causing thousands of pounds of damage. 

Online footage showed fallen tree branches, bricks, and garden walls that had collapsed. Pictures also show cars caught in flash floods throughout the borough. 

John Spencer, Diana’s older brother, died within ten minutes of his birth, 12 January 1960.

Charles has been married three more times. First to Victoria Lockwood, with whom Charles has Lady Kitty Spencer (30), twins Lady Eliza Spencer-Amelia Spencer (28), 26 and Louis Spencer Viscount Althorp (26).

He also has Edmund Spencer (17), and Lady Lara Spencer (15) from his second wife Caroline Freud.

He shares a daughter with Karen, Charlotte Diana Spencer, eighteen.

His video was recorded after sustained rains fell over the weekend. A yellow warning was issued for heavy rainfall to spread across South East Wales, before clearing to the west by Friday, according to the Met Office.

There were also yellow weather warnings in place for parts of Yorkshire, County Durham and Northumberland – and Wales also has the same warning for rain across most of the country.

The Met Office stated that there are concerns about travel delays and communities being cut off by the rain. It also warned that power cuts and flooding could occur.

Aidan McGivern, Met Office meteorologist, said in a forecast video, “These are exceptional rainfall amounts for even the wettest part of Britain, which is Cumbria on an average, as well as for the wettest parts of the year.”

The stream of warm moist, humid air that has moved up from tropics has caused the rain to pour down on the UK. Up to ten inches (250mm) was expected to fall in Cumbria  – almost twice as much as in a typical October.

A major incident was declared in a town in Scotland over the weekend with police evacuating homeowners from more than 500 properties over fears they could flood. An emergency centre in the Scottish Borders town of Hawick (pictured) has been opened for evacuees and the local primary school shut as residents brace for the deluge

A major incident occurred in Scotland’s town of Hawick over the weekend. Residents were evacuated from more than 500 homes by police fearing flooding. Residents are bracing for the deluge by closing the primary school and opening an emergency centre in Hawick, Scottish Borders.

A broken down car in floodwater near Derwentwater in Cumbria over the weekend as the Lake District was hit by heavy rain

A car that was damaged in floodwater near Derwentwater, Cumbria, over the weekend when heavy rains hit the Lake District.

Ben Lukey, Flood Duty Manager at the Environment Agency, stated that a slow-moving band heavy and persistent rain could cause surface water and river flooding, and disruption to travel, to communities throughout Cumbria and parts the north of England, from today (Wednesday), through Friday and Saturday.

Environment Agency teams are on the ground clearing out waste grilles and screens with partners in local resilience forums. They are also ready to operate flood defences if required.

“They are also available to support local authorities in responding to surface water flooding. Residents and visitors to the Lake District are asked to be vigilant and monitor their flood risk. You can sign up for free flood warnings via the website or via @EnvAgency Twitter. These updates provide the most current information.