A police force sent Christmas cards to convicts. The Cheshire chief constable posted a mock TripAdvisor note for repeat offenders. This stunt was criticized by David Mellor, ex-Home Secretary.

  • Cheshire police are sending Christmas cards to those who have been convicted again. 
  • Tripadvisor-style review of custody suites on the appropriately named “Celladvisor”.
  • Spoof advertising claims that offenders may have their cancellation free of charge if they ‘avoid crimes’
  • Chief Constable Mark Roberts said, “Think again if you consider crime” inside. 

Police in Cheshire sent hundreds of of repeat criminals a Christmas card to remind them that they should ‘think again before thinking about crime during the holiday period. 

This card shows a Tripadvisor mockup of a custody room, where criminals can expect to spend Christmas. It has been hilariously rated by police at half the star. 

As part of Operation Jingle, the police are sending them to serial offenders in Warrington in Cheshire. This campaign aims to keep people safe and secure during the holiday season. 

However, ex-Home Secretary David Mellor has branded the stunt ‘ludicrous’ after the card was revealed by Cheshire police.

Cheshire police sent out Christmas cards to hundreds of of repeat criminals to remind them that they should ‘think again before considering’ crime in the festive season. The card featured a Tripadvisor advertisement mocking a custody room (pictured).

Chief Constable Mark Roberts included this message: “Spending Christmas with Us is Not Recommended.” Think twice about committing a crime if you’re thinking of it. 

It states that the “classic Suite” offers free cancellation if the offenders do not engage in any crime. There is also no TV or internet access.

A spoof advertisement was also written by an anonymous “reviewer”: ‘Tough bed, cold room. The facilities for toilet and washing up are minimal. We would not book again and we wouldn’t recommend it. 

Roberts was Chief Constable. He stated: “The goal of #OpJingles, is to deter criminals, capture those responsible for crime and minimise disruption across county. It also aims to keep people safe and reassured during this festive season.

This card was created to remind serial criminals that they will be punished for their crimes.

“A custody suite is not the most ideal place for your time. As you can see, the card does not show the same luxurious facilities as one would find at home.

“I would like to assure people that we will continue our pursuit of individuals who think they can ignore the law. We will hold them accountable for their crimes.”

“We want everyone having a great time this Christmas. The best way is to be responsible and to make sure that you’re with your family and friends. I wouldn’t recommend spending the night in custody.

The card reads that the classic suite offers 'free cancellation' if offenders avoid any criminal activity, and says there is no television or wifi available

It states that the standard suite is available for cancellation if offenders do not commit any crime. There are no TVs or internet access.

John Dwyer (Police and Crime Commissioner Cheshire) said, “Over my 30 years in police I saw many people spend Christmas inside cells and it was an experience that I can’t believe has gotten any better.”

“#OpJingles is a serious message: If you try to ruin another’s Christmas in Cheshire by crime, then you only will end up ruining yourself.”

“I want everyone to have a relaxing and responsible Christmas. I hope anyone in Cheshire can turn a new page in 2022.