After their father “stabs and throws them both 50 feet from an apartment block window,” in Sweden, the father of the child killed his son and daughter and left them with no other options.

  • According to reports, the mother and father were arrested under suspicion of murder
  • All the children were under 10. One died during the night. 
  • After committing the horrific attack, his father (45) allegedly stabbed him. 

According to local reports, a boy was killed by his father and their brother is trying to save them. He stabbed the children in their beds before throwing them from a fifty-foot balcony in Sweden.

After both parents were detained, the Stockholm Police launched an investigation into murder and attempted murder.

Although police haven’t confirmed that they were the same suspects, the statement only indicated that they had been in a relationship with children. However, Swedish media stated it was the child’s mother or father.

A child has been killed and their sibling is fighting for their life after their father stabbed them in their beds and threw them from a 50ft balcony in Sweden, local reports say

Local reports claim that a father killed a child and left his sibling to fight for their lives after stabbing them in the beds.

Stockholm police have launched a murder and attempted murder probe after both parents were allegedly arrested

After both parents were arrested, the Stockholm Police launched an investigation into murder and attempted murder.

After the attack, it is thought that the father (45) stabbed his self.

Children under 10 years of age were both rushed in a helicopter to the hospital. 

But the younger of the two siblings did not survive the night while the other child has life-threatening injuries, police said.

The children were found by a passerby on the ground in front of the flat block. He alerted police around 9:45 yesterday.

Police spokesperson Helena Boström Thomas said: ‘We suspect that they have fallen from a great height.’

The father, 45, is believed to have stabbed himself after carrying out the horrific attack

After the attack, it is thought that father 45, stabbed his self.

According to Forensic investigators, blood was discovered in the apartment and clothes of the suspects were taken for examination.

One neighbor said that they heard loud noises in their neighbour’s flat, and had alerted them to the landlord.

Expressen was told by he: “It was always the case. We complained. The landlord was also contacted. 

“Something is wrong with this apartment. We can’t just call and say, “

He also said that he had heard loud noises from the apartment on Sunday, just before officers arrived.

The children, who are both under the age of 10, were rushed to a hospital in a helicopter

Both children were under 10 years old. They were flown in helicopters to the hospital.

He stated that he heard the man crying and screaming at 5pm. The noise was not unusual so we didn’t pay attention. The furniture was then moved after they ran off, crying again. 

One neighbor claimed she was familiar with the family, and that they were’very kind’.

She stated that she had not spoken to them often, but that they were used to keeping doors open.

One other said, “I met him sometimes in the elevator.” Father was extremely kind and helpful.

However, others described their father as strange.

A man living in an apartment block claimed that he heard something at 9:30pm. However, he said the sound was short and didn’t think about much.