Driver faces jail for killing 17-yearold boy she saw riding her moped on the way to work.

  • Chantelle Gleave (22), will be sentenced to death for dangerous driving.
  • Gleave admitted to causing Ethan Ross’s death, 17-year-old. Ross was riding a moped.
  • Judge Rowlands said to her that an immediate sentence of custodial confinement was ‘quite inescapable’ 

An 18-year-old woman driving a motorcycle is in jail for the murder of her teenage passenger.

Chantelle Gleave (22 years old) admitted to causing the death of Ethan Ross (17 years), while he was on his way from A-level school to work in a restaurant.

Ethan, who was in critical condition, was flown to hospital after the crash on Denbighshire’s A55, St Asaph.

The 17-year old tragically lost his life in September 2013 from his injuries. He then donated his organs to help other people.

Judge Rhys Rowlands informed her that, despite her good character, an immediate sentence of custodial confinement was quite likely.

He stated that he had pleaded guilty, Miss Gleave to the “tragic” and “extremely serious offenders.”

Chantelle Gleave

Chantelle Gleave

Chantelle Gleave was told she can expect an immediate sentence for driving recklessly after admitting to causing Ethan Ross’ death as a 17-year old moped rider. 

Ethan Ross, 17, was on his way to work riding his moped when he was hit by Gleave's car

Ethan Ross was 17, riding his moped on the way to work, when Gleave hit him with his car.

Paul Ross and Helen Ross, parents, said that they were deeply grieved for their son, who was a kind, generous, compassionate, kind, caring and determined Chelsea FC fan.

“He caused us to burst with pride each day.

Ethan’s organ donation was possible, and Ethan would be able to give his organs as well as a gift of health to someone else.

Ethan’s mom said that she saw him last when he started a second shift at a castle restaurant as a waiter.

Before he rode off, he told her to “See you later”, before expressing his love for her.

After Ethan’s death, his organs were donated and his mother stated that her son had ‘helped so many lives’.

Pictured: Chantelle Gleave, 22, leaving Llandudno Magistrates Court where she appeared at an earlier hearing and was accused of causing the death by dangerous driving of Ethan Ross

Pictured: Chantelle, 22 years old. She left Llandudno Magistrates Court. There she attended an earlier hearing.

Following years of waiting, Ethan received his kidney from a woman named Sarah.

Mrs Ross stated that it meant we could tell everyone about Ethan, and still keep him alive. He will not be forgotten.

Gleave of Shotton admitted to causing the death by dangerous driving at St Asaph Clwyd in September 2013.

Mold Crown Court adjourned the sentence until December 9, for a report.