This is Star Hobson’s toddler girl, smiling for the camera like an innocent child.

Frankie Smith and Savannah Brockhill are smiling in happy times, as they begin an eight-year sentence for Star Hobson’s death.

David Fawcett (61), was Smith’s long-term partner and great-grandmother Anita Smith’s grandmother. They were taken by David Fawcett, 61. He said he wanted to help her family recall what she looked like before Brockhill.

MailOnline was told by Mr Fawcett that he looked at the photos and thought of Frankie, not the Brockhill she had become.

“They say she was a kind, gentle girl. We are certain that she still behaves like this despite all that has happened. Frankie will be receiving them in prison. We want to get back the girl we love, and not one who has been convicted for such horrible crimes.

This is Frankie Smith as a girl with her face painted like a cat years before her involvement in the killing of toddler Star Hobson

Frankie Smith was a little girl years ago, when her face was painted as a cat. This picture is of Frankie Smith in her teen years. 

Smith is seen here in her school uniform

Smith winks for the camera in a never-before-seen photo taken in 2009

Smith can be seen in school uniform, right in photo from 2009 with the rarely-seen photos of her childhood.

The photos of Smith were taken by David Fawcett, partner of her great-grandmother Anita Smith, who helped to raise her

David Fawcett took the photographs of Smith. He was also her partner in Anita Smith who raised her.

Mr Fawcett revealed that one of his favourite pictures is of Smith standing beside her Chopper bike, which she still owns

Fawcett said Smith stood beside her Chopper bicycle, which she still has.

Mr Fawcett said he released the snaps to remind Smith's family what she she was like before she met lover Savannah Brockhill

Fawcett stated that he took the pictures to show Smith’s family how she looked before her relationship with Savannah Brockhill.

Savannah Brockhill

Frankie Smith

Partner in Death: Savannah Brockhill (28) and Frankie Smith (20), were both sentenced for this week’s murder of Star. 

Brockhill’s behavior was described during the trial as controlling and violent. Smith’s family claimed that Brockhill changed after she met her.

As it turned out, Star’s Children Service boss was also praised for his efforts shortly before he resigned.

Mark Douglas resigned from his £120,000-a-year post as Bradford Council’s Director of Children’s Services just five days before Smith, 20 and Brockhill, 28 went on trial in October.

However, just before the public announcement of his retirement, Kersten England sent staff an email in which he praised him.

Smith as a young girl years before she became a mother

Smith, as a little girl in the years prior to becoming a mother.

It stated in the email: “I want to take this opportunity to thank Mark For His Contributions and Achievements Since He Joined the Council In 2019” Mark managed a complex improvement programme with many partners and stakeholders during this period. The focus of his Children’s Services Improvement Journey was on Children’s Social Care. We have seen significant improvements in the quality of care.

Fawcett retorted: “How can anyone think Mr Douglas, or any other member of his department has done a great job? Star and his family find this ridiculous and offensive.

Smith called Mr Fawcett a ‘grandad,’ while Smith said he was with Anita since the age of 14.

Fawcett said that Smith stood beside her Chopper bicycle, which she still has. Some other memories she will cherish are the strawberry picking trips in Yorkshire, and when Smith posed in her elegant blue dress with make-up for her prom.

He stated, “That was Frankie through her whole life.” When she was young, she enjoyed dressing up in Disney costumes because she wanted the role of princess.

Another photo shows Smith with his family on camping trips.

Fawcett said that Smith’s mother, Yvonne Spendley, and her father Andrew Smith raised Smith in Shipley in West Yorkshire. She was the eldest child of five and had three older sisters: Ruby, India, and Isla. Harrison was her younger sibling.

Her siblings included two half-sisters, and an older brother who lived close by.

He said, “We lived near each other, didn’t have much money but did many things together as families.” The family was filled with love and laughter.

Frankie said, “Of all the grand children, Frankie was my closest. That’s because we shared a very special bond. And that doesn’t change despite all of the awful things that’ve happened.”

Other pictures show Smith on family camping trips, getting ready to go trick or treating for Halloween and visits to a fun fair

Additional photos show Smith camping with his family, getting ready to trick or treat for Halloween and at a fun fair.

Mr Fawcett revealed Smith was raised in a terraced home in Shipley, West Yorks, by her mother Yvonne and father Andrew

Smith was born in Shipley (West Yorks) by her father Andrew, and mother Yvonne.

She was the eldest of five children and had three younger sisters; Ruby; India and Isla; and a younger brother, Harrison.

She was the eldest child of five and had three older sisters: Ruby, India, and Isla. Harrison was her brother younger.

Smith is pictured with her daughter Star who she had when she was still a teenager with her then-boyfriend Jordan Hobson

Smith and her daughter Star, whom she shared as a teenager when she was with Jordan Hobson (now deceased), are pictured together

Smith is pictured here on a train with her mother Yvonne Spendley during a family day out away from their West Yorks home

Smith is pictured here on a train with her mother Yvonne Spendley during a family day out away from their West Yorks home

At Bradford Crown Court, Star was subject to horrific injuries and cruel treatment by Brockhill and Smith.

Star lost his short-lived life when Brockhill punched, stamped, or kicked him in the stomach. Smith then left the living space to go to the toilet, as the court heard.

Star was left with bleeding abdominal cavities after the September savagery.

According to her prosecution, the injuries she sustained were the result of a forceful or severe blow, either in punching, stamping, or kicking the abdomen. These injuries, which were similar to serious car crash injuries, were described by the toddler.

Smith and Brockhill dialled 999 instead. Brockhill searched for “how to save a baby from shock” and it took 11 minutes before Brockhill tried CPR. Then, Brockhill called an ambulance.

Star was dead by the time she reached the hospital.

Court also heard Ms Smith contact social services following learning of play-fights at Star’s flat that included a ‘choke slam’ wrestle maneuver.

The court was told by Star that she had to be lifted above her neck, or throat and placed on the bed.

Ms Smith stated to the jury that she said “What’s your baby doing?” Smith (Smith) stated that they were just playing and she wasn’t being hurt.

According to the great-grandmother, Smith had lost interest in becoming a mother shortly after meeting Brockhill.

As evidence she said, “She was speaking and dressing like a tourist; Savannah was her focus.” She was focusing on Savannah and asking for Savannah’s friendship.

“She couldn’t bear to be bothered, and was always on her phone.”

Brockhill, a nightclub bouncer, and Smith were both jailed this week for their roles in the killing of Smith's daughter, Star

Brockhill (a nightclub bouncer) and Smith were each sentenced for their involvement in Star’s murder. 

Star was not being treated well by Star, according to the court.

Social workers concluded that Star Smith had not visited the apartment where Star lived. This was despite the fact that Star and Fawcett objected both to Brockhill’s travel history and Brockhill having been in same-sex relationships.

The court was told that Smith had met Brockhill in The Sun in Bradford, where she was working at the door. They began an ‘on-off’ relationship in November 2019.

Mr Fawcett stated that they were shocked because she had always been with boyfriends.

Smith was accused of developing a strange and unhealthy obsession with Savanah, her girlfriend, at the expense Star Hobson (her daughter), which led to her being told by a judge.

According to Mr Fawcett, it was a volatile relationship and that his granddaughter changed her communication style. She used’mams’ instead o’mums’ and yous’ instead o ‘you’.

He explained that for the past 18 years, she hadn’t spoken as well and, now that she does, I find it strange that her speech has changed. This concerned me.

Frankie told Frankie that Savannah was going to destroy her life. He said that her neck was covered in marks.