It’s possible! After being fathered and raised by TWO cats, Chimera is a lovable feline who has a face that is half ginger and half-black.

  • Luna, two, from Wythenshawe, Manchester, is a mix-up moggy cat with dual fur  
  • Two embryos fertilised with two males are combined into one to create ‘Chimera’ cats.
  • Striking Luna gets compliments wherever she goes and receives gifts from fans 

This incredible two-faced cat stuns onlookers with her unique half-ginger-half-black face, thanks to a rare birth condition.

Luna, a mix-up cat, lives with Janet Bell, 62 in Wythenshawe. Janet often stops them to inquire about their feline features.

Luna was adopted by a friend of the legal secretary after she lost her cat while on holiday. She then became pregnant.

Luna, a quirky kitten, is officially called a “chimera cat” meaning she has two sets DNA from two different embryos that were fused in her mother’s womb.

Chimera cat Luna, two, pictured, lives with owner, Janet Bell, 62, in Wythenshawe, Manchester. Chimera cats are born when two different embryos fertilised by two males cats merge into one, meaning the cat is born out of two male DNA sets

Two-year-old Chimera cat Luna lives with Janet Bell (62), in Wythenshawe. Chimera cats are born from two different embryos fertilized by two male cats. 

The fascinating cat, pictured, lives a life of luxury and gets complimented wherever she goes, her owner said

The owner says that the fascinating cat lives in luxury and gets complimented everywhere she goes. 

Jan stated that “Luna was my first kitten and when she came out of her mother’s womb, I told my friend, “I want that one.”

“I thought she was beautiful, and we couldn’t believe that, I’d never seen anything similar.”

‘Whenever she gets out of her house people will stop and look at her from the street.

“People will tell her how beautiful and unusually beautiful she is, or ask me about why she looks this way.

Luna's striking fur, which is half black and half ginger, pictured, stops people in their track when she goes out with Jane

Luna’s striking half-black and half-ginger fur, pictured, is a visual stopper when she goes out on a date with Jane

Jane has revealed fans of the feline have even been sending Luna gifts. Jane admitted she used to be a dog person, but was converted when she laid eyes on Luna as a kitten

Jane revealed that Luna’s fans have been sending Luna gifts. Jane said she was once a dog lover, but she became a Luna person after seeing Luna as a kitten. 

They can’t believe she has half-and-half faces.

Chimera cats: The feline with three genetic parents, the Chimera cat  

Female cats can bear embryos that were fertilized by different male felines at once. 

Chimera cats are created when two embryos fertilised by two males combine to create one. 

Instead of two separate cats each with one set DNA, there is only one kitten born with both sets.  

Female cats can mate with more than one male partner simultaneously, which allows them to give birth to kittens from the same litter with different DNA.

A chimera kitten is created when two embryos with different DNA fusions. This replaces two separate cats with the same set of DNA.

Luna now lives a luxurious lifestyle, enjoying cuddles from Jan, her three grandchildren, Kai, ten, River-Lucia and Reece, 14. Luna also shares a special bond to River-Lucia, 4.

Jan said, ‘We were on holiday and Tara’s cat escaped while Tara was away. She mated with another feline.

“I’ve always loved dogs and never liked cats, but a friend promised me one of these kittens.

“When I saw Luna’s beautiful face, I fell in Love with her. Now she lives a very lavish lifestyle.

“People online think she is beautiful.”

“She even gets gifts from people who are captivated by her face.

“She’s a wonderful cat, she’s so well behaved even when she takes a bath.” 

Cat's in the basket! As well as being a stunner, Luna is also a lovely cat who is extremely well-behaved, Jane boasted

Cat’s in the basket Jane boasted that Luna is a stunning cat and is also very well-behaved.