After the driver attempted to reverse his satnav’s direction, a container truck hangs above the edge of 330ft high cliff.

  • This truck driver delivered goods in Changzhi Province of Shanxi Province. 
  • While following the suggested shortcut by his sat-nav device, HGV was stuck
  • He drove through a mountain pass that was too narrow for his big truck. 
  • The truck was saved by three large dumper trucks  

After following his satellite navigation up the narrow mountain road, a driver came within inches of plunging from a China cliff at 330ft. 

It occurred on January 1, near Changzhi, Shanxi Province in northern China. 

According to local officials, the driver was not following his GPS directions and continued on the mountain road. 

The front wheel of the truck slipped over the edge of a cliff near the city of Changzhi in Shanxi Province in northern China after the driver attempted to reverse

After the driver attempted reverse, the truck’s front wheel slipped off a cliff in the vicinity of Changzhi Province in north China.

The trucker was following his sat nav device along the mountain track on January 1 when the roadway became too narrow to continue.

On January 1, the trucker was driving along the mountain track following his satellite navigation device when it became impossible to go on. 

The driver was lucky the trailer did not push his truck over the edge and down into the ravine

It was a good thing that the truck’s trailer didn’t push the driver’s vehicle over the edge into the ravine.

As the road got narrower, the driver chose to head back down the mountain but couldn’t turn his truck. 

He instead began to reverse the lorry and moved between the rocks on one side of the steep cliff on another. 

A truck wheel fell off the road, which left the vehicle hanging dangerously over the edge.  

Before rescue efforts were made, the driver and passenger managed to get out of the vehicle. 

A drone video of the accident shows how the lorry was tipped at the edge. Another separate video shows workers working to rescue the vehicle. 

Three heavy dumper trucks were used by rescuers to transport the truck onto the road. 

The rescue team chained all three dumpers and fastened a pulley called a snatchblock to the side. 

Next, they attached a thick steel wire around the pulley of the first truck to attach it to the trailer. 

The incident happened on New Year's Day in the city of Changzhi in Shanxi Province in northern China

The incident happened on New Year’s Day in the city of Changzhi in Shanxi Province in northern China

After everything had been secured, rescuers reversed the truck up the mountain and pulled it back on the road. 

It was secured by the pulley so that the truck could be pulled backwards on the carriageway. This prevented the truck from sliding down the mountainside or being dragged to the side. 

According to CGTN the road was reopened January 4 after being closed since January 1.