After being charged with sexual assault, Chris Noth was fired as a crime-drama series producer on The Equalizer.

Chris Noth, a CBS crime drama series called The Equalizer, has been dismissed following allegations of sexual abuse.

Universal Television and CBS announced that Chris Noth would no longer be filming additional episodes of The Equalizer. This was in line with Deadline’s statement.

Noth, who is seven episodes in to its second season of The CW’s Noth, is expected to be featured on an upcoming episode. Noth appears in the series every episode since 2021.

Chris Noth has been fired from the CBS drama series The Equalizer after allegations of sexual assault were leveled against him

After allegations of sexual assault against Chris Noth, CBS’s drama series The Equalizer, Chris Noth was fired

Noth will appear in an upcoming episode of the show, which is already seven episodes into its second season

Noth will make an appearance in an upcoming episode. The show is seven episodes into its second-season.