Police union head is fired after’sex bug’ allegations by female officers

  • John Apter was suspended by the police and is currently under investigation by the watchdog.
  • Officer based in Hampshire faces allegations of gross misconduct for four incidents
  • Two allegations are alleged to have been made about sex touching in public places.
  • The Federation chair is 130,000 officers of rank and file in England and Wales 

After being accused by a female police officer of sexual misconduct, the Police Federation’s head was abruptly suspended.

After being charged with sexual impropriety, John Apter (feder chairman) is currently under investigation by the watchdog police.

The high-profile officer had his warrant card taken away by colleagues from his home force – Hampshire Police.

According to The Sun., Apter had been scheduled to step down as chairman in April next year.

Pictured: John Apter, the head of the Police Federation was dramatically suspended yesterday after being accused of sexual misconduct by a female officer and is now under investigation

Pictured: John Apter was abruptly suspended from the Police Federation yesterday, after being accused by a woman officer of having committed sexual misconduct. The matter is now under investigation

He is being investigated by The Independent Office for Police Conduct for four incidents of gross misconduct.

The two are related to an alleged act of sexual touching in public.

An IOPC spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that, on Friday, December, 17 we received a referral relating to a police constable from Hampshire constabulary and we have started an independent investigation.

‘On Monday, December 20, the officer was served with a notice of investigation for potential breaches of police professional standards relating to four separate alleged incidents.’

He will be suspended and it will shock all the rank holders, chief inspectors included.

It is believed that Mr Apter was close to Home Secretary Priti Paltel while he was chairman.

Mr Apter is said to have formed a close working relationship with Home Secretary Priti Patel (pictured, left, together at the National Police Memorial Day Service) during his tenure

John Apter - Chair of the Police Federation

According to Mr Apter, he had an excellent working relationship during his tenure with Priti Paltel, the Home Secretary. (pictured together at National Police Memorial Day Service).

After becoming an Hampshire Police Federation representative in 2001, he was elected as the head of this highly influential staff organization in May 2018.

He had previously spoken against misogyny. He said: ‘Misogyny is not just a problem for women – it’s a problem for us all.

“All too often, there’s silence when these things happen and we fail each other and the wider society through our inaction.

‘We need to consign to the history books some of our canteen culture where sexist nicknames and derogatory remarks are made.

‘When banter crosses the line to become sexist, derogatory or homophobic, that’s when it ceases to be banter.’

Yesterday, Mr Apter received a notice regarding alleged gross misconduct.

Hours earlier he was tweeting support for a newspaper campaign about officers’ mental health.

Last night, he was unavailable to comment.