Celebrity Antiques Road Trip


It takes a flood… 


You wouldn’t know that. Philippa Perry, a psychotherapist, is married to Grayson, a cross-dressing potter. They are best friends with Jerry Hall (supermodel emeritus, current wife of Rupert Murdoch). 

The girls met on the party circuit, and they went clothes shopping together. But last night, they were searching for bargains in bric a brac. Celebrity Antiques Road Trip(BBC2) was restored. 

Do the couples get together for dinner at the Murdochs’ £30million Cotswolds mansion? I would love to imagine that Rupe and Gray, after finishing their tiramisu, retire to the hot tub to talk about ceramics, frocks, and Fox News’ output. 

Philippa Perry and Jerry Hall tried their luck scouring the posh junk shops of Oxfordshire for Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (BBC2)

For Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (BBC2), Philippa Perry and Jerry Hall tried to find the best junk shops in Oxfordshire.

Philippa was mischievous and Jerry was imperious while they searched for antiques in Oxfordshire. 

Philippa was happy when Jerry lost all his money on their purchases.

Jerry’s cross! As her chum pouted, she teased. Jerry was doing well up until the bids came in. 

Her strident flirtation made elderly dealers look smug. 

Picking up a rare biscuit tin with a £175 price tag, Jerry demanded a £100 discount and fluttered her eyelashes. She got her way. Evidently, she used this technique long ago. 

Her superpower is her simpers. She is not able to save herself in the salesroom with her camera-ready charisma. The biscuit tin went for £32. 

Double the bill for the night 

Natasia Demetriou was enjoying her brother Jamie’s comedy in Stath Lets Flats. (C4) 

She got even more laughs playing the snappish vampire Nadja on What We Do in The Shadows (BBC2). 

Ghoulishly funny 

Natasie Demetriou and Matt Berry in What We Do in The Shadows (BBC2)

Natasie Demetriou & Matt Berry in What We Do In The Shadows (BBC2)

“Dang! It is so unfair! She screamed. 

Each celeb receives a vintage car to take her around in this well-worn, but always entertaining format. Philippa had a Jaguar E-Type and Jerry a Buick boat-tail that barely made it down country lanes. 

Each one is assigned an antiques expert to help them make their decisions, add historical sidenotes, and stimulate conversation with a few key questions. 

Philippa was not having any of it. Philippa was not having it. Her guide asked Philippa about her extravagant fashion sense and suggested she call her style “My clothes!” 

It was evident that the Buick was not open to many topics. Jerry was not asked about Bryan Ferry’s exes Mick Jagger and Bryan Ferry. Jerry also didn’t get to talk about living with Logan Roy from Succession, a real media mogul. She did however consent to show the catwalk strut.

She suggested that you think of a string pulling your head up and walking on your toes. 

This is the second lesson in runway swagger that we’ve learned this week, after Joanna Lumley demonstrated an alternative method in her Human Swan documentary. 

I am practicing hard and I should be in a good place by Friday. It’s always fun to speculate on the value of antiques, from top hats and piano stools, at auction. 

But, we don’t really know the true value of our possessions until they’re at risk of being lost suddenly. 

A shocking amount of footage shows families struggling to save their belongings as one in six homes in Britain is at risk from flooding from extreme weather patterns. 

It takes a flood…(ITV) showed how the country is doing. 

Khalsa Aid, an urgent charity led by Ravi Singh, arrived in Somerset at waist-deep water and set to work filling sandbags, while the government was still dithering. 

Lance, a Norfolk ex-Grenadier Guardsman, hitched his entire home to a tractor, and pulled it back from the edge, after erosion threatened it with sinking into the sea. 

Lance rings his phone and barks: “War Office!” Lance answers his phone and barks: ‘War Office! 

That’s the spirit.