Professor of political science, who advises the CIA about when countries may fall into civil war due to factors such as undemocratic tendencies, has seen the U.S. slide further down this path than most people could have imagined.

‘We are closer to civil war than any of us would like to believe,’ said Dr. Barbara Walter, who serves on the Political Instability Task Force, which guides intelligence analysts on countries overseas that might be on the brink of conflict.

An academic at the University of California San Diego who studies hotspots such as Syria, and maintains a blog on violence in politics, stated that the U.S. is meeting several of the warning signs of an impending insurgency.

She writes that no one wishes to think their democracy is declining or heading toward war in How Civil Wars Begin.

A Stockholm-based democracy institute called Donald Trump's repeated attacks on the validity of the 2020 election results a 'historic turning point' that 'undermined fundamental trust in the electoral process'

Stockholm-based democracy Institute described Donald Trump’s constant attacks on the legitimacy of the 2020 election results as a “historic turning point” that “undermined the fundamental trust in electoral processes”.

‘If you were an analyst in a foreign country looking at events in America — the same way you’d look at events in Ukraine or the Ivory Coast or Venezuela — you would go down a checklist, assessing each of the conditions that make civil war likely. According to Washington Post, she wrote that America, which was founded over two centuries ago and is now in very dangerous territory. 

She concludes that the U.S. has gone through the ‘pre-insurgency’ and ‘incipient conflict’ phases – without deciding whether the Jan. 6th Capitol riot constitutes part of the ‘open insurgency’ phase. 

She also labels the U.S. as an ‘anocracy’ – a category between a democracy and an autocracy, after a slide based on factors in its criteria during the four years of the Trump administration – with the U.S. falling from a score of 10 to a score of 5.

'We are closer to civil war than any of us would like to believe,' said Dr. Barbara Walter of UC San Diego

Barbara Walter, UC San Diego’s Dr. Barbara Walter said that “We are closer than anyone would like to believe to be to civil war.”

This put the country far behind its peers.

‘We are no longer the world’s oldest continuous democracy,” according to Walter. “That honor is now held by Switzerland, followed by New Zealand, and then Canada. We are no longer a peer to nations like Canada, Costa Rica, and Japan, which are all rated a +10 on the Polity index.” 

On Friday, three retired US Generals warned of a possible split in their military. This could lead to civil war in case there’s a coup attempt in 2024.

They said there were “signs of possible turmoil in our Armed Forces” and that an “intriguing number” of military active-duty personnel took part. This was more than 1/10 of all those who were charged.

Paul Eaton, ex-Army Major General and Brigadier General Steven Anderson, as well as Antonio Taguba, were the authors of an opinion piece in Washington Post.

The U.S. 'has entered very dangerous territory' in factors associated with civil war, writes Walter

Walter writes that the U.S. has “entered very dangerous territory” in civil war-related factors.

Protesters gather at Lafayette Square Park outside the White House on May 31, 2020 in Washington, DC. Across the country, protests were set off by the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota while in police custody

Lafayette Square Park is where protestors gather on the White House’s May 31st 2020. Protests broke out across the nation after George Floyd, a Minneapolis-based police officer, died.

President Joe Biden took office amid his predecessor's repeated claims that the election was 'rigged' and claims of widespread fraud in his 7 million popular vote victory

While his predecessor claimed that the election was “rigged” and widespread fraud claims in relation to his 7,000,000 popular vote win, President Joe Biden assumed office.

Walter labels the U.S. as an 'anocracy' – a category between a democracy and an autocracy

Walter labels the U.S. as an ‘anocracy’ – a category between a democracy and an autocracy

‘The potential for a total breakdown of the chain of command along partisan lines — from the top of the chain to squad level — is significant should another insurrection occur. The idea of rogue units organizing among themselves to support the “rightful” commander in chief cannot be dismissed.’

“As we near the anniversary of the insurrection that killed the US Capitol, all former military officers are becoming increasingly worried about the consequences of 2024’s presidential election, and the potential for chaos within our military, which could put all Americans at serious risk,” the Generals added.

They said, “We are chill to our bones thinking of a coup succeeding next year,”

The U.S. in November appeared on the list of ‘backsliding democracies’ compiled by the Stockholm-based International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

The report states that the United States was once a bastion of democracy worldwide, but fell prey to authoritarian tendencies and lost a substantial number of democratic steps.

The Trump-like attacks on the legitimacy of 2020’s election results were a “historic turning point” that “undermined fundamental faith in the electoral process”. This precipitated the Riot and caused’spillover effect, such as in Brazil, Mexico and Myanmar, among other countries.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.The select Jan.6th committee is chaired by Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democratic from Maryland. In a New Yorker profile, Trump describes his role in initiating the’self-coup’ last year.  

The coup’s interior is the scariest among the three rings. I use that word, “coup,” knowing that it’s not the usual political parlance,’ he said. A coup is usually a military coup. Against an elected President. This was a President moving against a Vice-President–it was, as the political scientists call it, a ‘self-coup,’” he said of Trump’s efforts to get Mike Pence not to count votes from states where Trump was claiming fraud occurred.