Let’s see Star Paws and the Hound of Music. Cine bosses provide dog-themed viewings both for their pets and their owners

  • Canine blockbusters will allow owners to take their pets to Manchester 
  • Ducie Street Warehouse will host screenings of dogs themed.
  • Lassie and Bolt, Hotel For Dogs, Bolt, and Scooby Doo will be included in these films.
  • For animals that have low sound levels or need well-lit spaces, cinema has been modified to accommodate them.

These days it’s not enough to give your dog a decent walk every day and maybe a few tasty treats.

Dog owners will now be able to take their dog companions to the cinema with them in order to catch the blockbuster movies for dogs like Lassie and Hotel For Dogs. Bolt is also available.

These screenings will take place at Manchester’s Ducie Street Warehouse, where pet owners can bring their dogs to the movies. 

It now offers dog-themed viewings in its 36-seat facility every Monday to pets and owners.

With lower sound levels, well-lit rooms and better lighting, the cinema was adapted to accommodate animals. Every night sold out so far.

The venue staff was inspired by the suggestion of guests. 

Owners sit with their dogs as they watch a film at the Ducie St Warehouse cinema in Manchester

Dog owners sit down with their pets while they enjoy a movie at Manchester’s Ducie St Warehouse Cinema.

Dog owners can now tuck into 'pawpcorn' with their four-legged friends to watch blockbusters in the cinema

Now dog owners are able to share pawpcorn with their dogs in order to see blockbuster films at the cinema

Events manager Nathan Wrigglesworth said: ‘People love to treat their dogs as a member of their family. They don’t just want to take dogs on walks – they want to involve them in their whole life.’

Ducie Street ensure the dogs remain well-fed, offering them a range of treats and even ‘pawpcorn’.

Mr Wrigglesworth added: ‘Only humans get seats. Some dogs can sit on their laps, while others will lie on the ground depending on how large they are.

‘Most are running around saying hello to each other. Whether the dogs are actually watching the film – that is still up for a debate.’