A top doctor advises parents not to circumcise their children following the death of a 2-year-old boy who was allergic to anaesthetic and nearly dying from his brother.

  • After a toddler’s death in Western Australia, a top doctor advised against circumcision
  • Mark Duncan Smith told parents that only medical reasons should be considered for procedure.
  • Two-year old died from an allergic reaction after receiving anesthesia Tuesday. 

After a 2-year-old died, and his brother nearly died from complications of circumcision, a top doctor advised parents that they carefully think about the potential risks to their children. 

Mark Duncan Smith, president of the WA Australian Medical Association, urged parents not to proceed unless there were valid medical reasons.

He said, “It’s a very important conversation to have avec your trusted GP.

“Your GP can tell you what to do, and how, with the right indications. This is part of the assessment of whether or not a child should have circumcision.

After a boy aged two died from an allergic reaction to the anaesthesia he received during Tuesday’s procedure, his warning came as a wake-up call.

WA Australian Medical Association president Mark Duncan-Smith urged parents to only follow through with the procedure if there was a valid medical reason

Mark Duncan Smith, president of the WA Australian Medical Association, urged parents not to proceed unless there were valid medical reasons.

Following the procedure, the boy was taken from hospital. He was visiting a friend at Seville Grove, Perth, when signs began to develop.

Before paramedics declared him dead, he was taken by ambulance to Armadale Hospital.

Following bleeding post-surgery, the brother of seven months was rushed to Perth Children’s Hospital.

According to Dr Duncan Smith, The West Australian should have a proper consultation before any type of medical procedure.

“And, also, clearly there is a history in your family of blood loss would indicate that you are at risk.”

Dr. Top pointed out that circumcision rates had fallen in Western Australia during the past few decades.

Around 90 percent of circumcisions were performed on children in the 1960s, with rates falling to 10% today. 

Dr Duncan Smith said that parents are abandoning the practice due to a lack of medical reasons for circumcising their child.

Some 90 per cent of children were circumcised during the 1960s with rates dwindling to 10 per cent today (stock image)

A little over 90% of the world’s children were circumcised in the 1960s, with rates dropping to 10% today. (stock image).

The rates of HIV and HPV in Africa continue to rise.

Dr Duncan Smith stated that circumcision is still practiced mainly for religious purposes by the Jewish and Muslim communities. 

The death of the toddler was investigated by homicide detectives. But Chris Dawson, WA Police Commissioner said that it is not considered suspicious.

‘There are no suspicious circumstances – this medical procedure took place at an authorised medical facility,’ he said.

“It seems that this is an extremely tragic case.

“But, I don’t have any information that would suggest there is anything illegal in the way of criminal acts or similar.”

To complete the report, detectives collaborated with the family.