Six trees are being planted to honor Arthur Labinjo Hughes near his house, where he was killed by his stepmother. 

Solihull council revealed the plans for the permanent memorial, which will mark each year of Arthur’s short life, after being approached by residents who wanted to pay tribute to the six-year-old.  

On Sunday, a public vigil took place outside of the Solihull house that he had been fatally attacked. Residents planned another one on Saturday and gathered by the 12 foot Christmas tree at the green. 

A circle of six trees will be planted in memory of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes (pictured) near his home where he was murdered by his stepmother and father

In memory of Arthur Labinjo -Hughes, a circle of six trees is being planted near the home of his father and stepmother.

Mourners laid flowers, teddies and emotional messages as well as letting off balloons as they remembered the boy's short life last Sunday

In memory of the boy’s brief life, mourners sent flowers and teddies to him. They also let off balloons. 

People gather to pay tribute to six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes outside Emma Tustin's former address in Solihull, West Midlands

Outside Emma Tustin’s old address in Solihull (West Midlands), people gather to honor six-year-old Arthur Labinjo–Hughes

Stacks of flowers and teddies were also laid down on a bank near the house, while some penned personal messages of love to Arthur

A bank was also nearby where teddies and flowers were laid. Some people wrote personal messages of affection to Arthur.

After beating Tustin in the head at her Solihull home, Cranmore Road in June 2013, leaving him with a permanent brain injury, Tustin was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 29 years.

Arthur’s father Thomas Hughes (29 years old) was found guilty for his son’s murder and sentenced to 21-year imprisonment.

Details about Arthur’s brutal abuses and treatment including his poisoning with salt were revealed during their Coventry Crown Court trial. This has caused grief, shock and revulsion. 

Sam Chapman, from Shirley, told BirminghamLive she had been touched by the case and volunteered to assist with promoting Saturday’s event on social media, which is set to take place from 1pm onwards off Cranmore Boulevard in Solihull.

Clare Powell (volunteer) also made arrangements for an 12ft Christmas Tree to be placed on the green to pay tribute to the boy.

Following a request made by residents, the council announced that they would install six four-foot trees on the green to last forever.

According to a spokesperson for Solihull Council, “Following the request of Shirley residents regarding the creation a permanent area to recall Arthur LabinjoHughes, the council is facilitating the installation a six-foot circle of trees to be placed in the middle of the green.”

Flowers at a tribute to six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes outside Emma Tustin's former address in Solihull, West Midlands, last week

Flowers for Arthur Labinjo, six years old, at Emma Tustin’s former Solihull home, West Midlands address last week

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes' devastated family, friends and neighbours gathered near the tragic six-year-old's home for a heartbreaking vigil

Arthur Labinjo Hughes’ family, friends, and neighbors were devastated to gather near his tragic 6-year-old home for a heartbreaking Vigil.

The family were today joined by a huge crowd which gathered to pay respect to him, with friends and neighbours letting off balloons in the street in his memory

Today, the family was joined by many people who came together to honor him. Neighbors and friends blew balloons on the streets in his honour.

Ms Chapman explained that the event was hosted by members of the local community in order to keep Arthur’s memories alive.

She stated, “It’s because it’s to show that this cannot ever happen again.” One cannot forget about a child. 

‘It shouldn’t have ben allowed to happen and the fact that it has is what has shocked the community.’

Ms Chapman is 43 years old and works as a cleaner. People have been asking her how they can support this effort.

She said that it had touched all of us and she wanted to make sure everyone was able to come together to offer their condolences.  

Emma Tustin, 32

Thomas Hughes, 29

Emma Tustin 32 (left), murdered Arthur Labinjoa-Hughes, by repeatedly hitting his head against a hard surface. She and Thomas Hughes 29, had starved Arthur Labinjo/Hughes and poisoned him using salt.

Another tribute was to Arthur, a Birmingham City FC fan. It took about ten minutes for fans of football across the country to applaud Arthur during various fixtures.

After social workers saw Arthur at his family’s house two months before Arthur’s death, they found that there were no safeguarding concerns. A national inquiry is currently underway to determine whether Arthur was in contact with authorities.

On Thursday, Jacob Rees Mogg, Commons Leader said in the House of Commons that it was ‘not enough’ for authorities to always claim lessons from cruel treatment of children.

According to him, he finds it almost impossible to read about Arthur in the news because it makes him think about his children.

He said, “I’ve got this in my notebooks today. I’m meant to say that lessons will be learned.” But that’s what we all say. It’s not enough. It is important to safeguard little children.