Whitehall’s presentation of the controversial ‘genderbread man’ graphic to civil servants is made amid suspicions that Whitehall has partnered with another controversial trans group, months after Stonewall was told to stop ties.

  • Whitehall leaders are believed to have brought in an intersex, gender and trans group.
  • Workshops claim that attraction, gender and sexuality sit in a range of 0-100
  • They form part of the government membership network which began at Home Office

According to reports, the Civil Service is giving ‘genderbread man’ lessons to employees in what critics have called ‘unscientific rubbish’.

According to reports, Bosses have brought in an intersex and gender-trans group to present the gingerbread man-style image to government employees.

These workshops are about gender identity and sexual attraction.

After starting with the Home Office, they are now part of an inter-governmental membership network.

Organisers say they want officials to learn to use ‘appropriate language/names/pronouns’ and ‘challenge inappropriate language or behaviours’.

This comes after it was revealed that government agencies partnered with the controversial trans lobby group Global Butterflies, following Stonewall’s dissolution.

Feminist critics denounced the spending of millions of tax payers’ dollars on training that they believe crushes women’s right.

Whitehall (pictured) bosses are reportedly bringing in a gender, trans and intersex group to show the gingerbread man-style picture to government workers

Whitehall bosses (pictured), are believed to have brought in a transgender and gender-specific group to display the gingerbread man-style photo to government workers

In February, the ‘genderbread man’ was displayed to approximately 180 civil servants. However, it has been pinched up in order for diversity meetings within departments.

This claim that anatomical sex refers to’male-ness/femaleness’ has been discredited by academics.

The poster says gender identity is ‘how you, in your head, experience and define your gender’.

Pictured: Head of the Civil Service Simon Case

Pictured is Simon Case, head of Civil Service

The Telegraph spoke to Bev Jackson, Director of LGB Alliance: “It is extraordinary that civil servant continues to forge relations with lobby groups masquerading themselves as training providers to support aggressively ideological and unscientific absurdity.”

These lobby groups are often misrepresented as equality and diversity experts to weaken the rights of LGB persons.

“What is especially galling about these people is their claim that they represent LGB people when in fact they are undermining our rights.

The government came under fire from critics for their partnership with Global Butterflies, a result of cutting ties between Stonewall and them.

The firm, started in 2015 by trans woman Rachel Reese, works with the Armed Forces, Parliament, British Transport Police and the NHS Health Education England.

In lessons instructors reportedly tell bosses to ‘remove gender from all your written communications… and policies’.

They also allegedly call for companies to put in gender-neutral toilets and and ‘show your trans credentials’ by backing changes to trans’ laws.

They teamed up with the Government Legal Department and the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel to pen a guide on ‘drafting gender-neutral legislation’.

According to some, legislators used the pronoun “they” instead of “he/she”, and did not use chairmen or waitress.

The foreword, written by Global Butterflies directors, reportedly said ‘a significant percentage of the next generation of the workforce no longer sees gender as binary and expects to see a better approach to gender identity and expression in documentation’.

The firm, started in 2015 by trans woman Rachel Reese (pictured), works with the Armed Forces, Parliament, British Transport Police and the NHS Health Education England

This firm was founded in 2015 by Rachel Reese, a transwoman (pictured), and works alongside the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces, Parliament and British Transport Police.

Global Butterflies stated that it works with “many inclusive organizations in all sectors of UK”, both public and private.

The spokesman said workers are encouraged to add pronouns to their emails and social media to show ‘allyship’.

While the House of Commons did admit to having paid the company for a lesson last Year, they said it was not a regular relationship.

Also, the Ministry of Defence stated that it had held a discussion with them in 2019, but denied any money exchanged.

The British Transport Police had not commented while the NHS and Government Legal Department refused to.