A daredevil jumps from the roofs of two tall buildings, a moment so powerful it is almost fatal.

  • The video was captured by onlookers at the 39th level of another building.
  • He psyched up as an Olympic long jumper.
  • Surfers Paradise police are looking into the leap after it has been filmed

When faced with a gap of 5m and a drop of 12m, the first reaction is not to jump.

For a Surfers Paradise daredevil, however, this was precisely what he believed. It was. 

In a video filmed by onlookers from the 39th floor of the Chevron Mantra on the Gold Coast, the man paces to the edge of the building.

Next, he determines how far he must jump to cross it safely. 

The man (pictured on the left) psyches himself up for what may be his last ever leap

Pictured on the left is the man getting ready to take his last leap.

By bouncing and moving his legs, he prepares for the final leap of his life. 

He is accompanied by a friend who watches him anxiously from the top. 

After loosening his muscles, the man walks over to the edge of the roof. He then takes off on his leap of faith.

As he reaches the edge, he speeds up and propels himself forward into the unknown. 

The jumper is seen halfway across the 5m gap, with a 12m drop below him

He can be seen half-way across the gap of 5m, and below him is a drop of 12m.

Having made it across, seemingly unharmed, the man (pictured right) then makes his way back to the building he had come from

After he has crossed the street, apparently unharmed (photo right), the man makes his way back towards the place he came from.

He barely manages to cross the street, then rolls several times before getting up and making his way back towards the jumping building, which connects by another route. 

“Oh my God!” and “He made it!” Two voices excalimed from behind the camera.

A commenter on Facebook added: ‘Omg I felt sick watching it’, while the woman who posted the video replied ‘oh don’t worry my heart sank also when he jumped!!! “I was about to call the ambulance.” 

The Queensland Police is investigating the incident.