Cleo Smith’s mother, who was thrilled to see her daughter’s 18-day-old Facebook post, made a heartfelt edit. It included an appeal for her little girl’s disappearance and the last heartwarming message that she was reunited with her family. 

The missing four-year-old was found at 12.45am on Wednesday alone in a bedroom in a locked and rundown house in the Carnarvon suburb of Brockman in Western Australia, after disappearing from her family’s tent during a camping trip.

The police had already rushed down the door to save the little girl before Detective Sergeant Cameron Blaine asked her three times for her name.  

Ellie Smith was always asking for help and updating her followers with key information throughout her family’s ordeal. Each day, she updated one post.

Wednesday evening, she updated the message and added in all caps: “FINAL EDIT- HOME WITH HIS FAMILY”

Cleo's mother (pictured, together) subtly made a poignant edit to a long-running Facebook post when their nightmare ordeal was finally over

Cleo’s mother (pictured together) made a poignant edit on a long-running post on Facebook when their nightmare was finally over.

On Wednesday evening Cleo's mum updated the message for the last time, adding in all caps: 'FINAL EDIT- HOME WITH HER FAMILY'

Cleo’s mom updated the message on Wednesday evening, adding all caps: “FINAL EDIT- HOME WITH HIS FAMILY”

Cleo Smith (pictured after being rescued by police) is 'physically OK' according to police as the four-year-old is released from hospital and taken back to her family

Cleo Smith, four years old, is being rescued and released by police. She will be taken home to her family.

Ellie Smith and her partner Jake Giddon (pictured) had earlier made desperate attempts through the media for Cleo's abductor to bring the four-year-old home

Jake Giddon, Ellie Smith’s partner (pictured), had previously made desperate attempts through media to find Cleo’s abductor in order to bring the four year-old home.

Ellie’s cousin took to social media to celebrate Ellie’s homecoming after an 18-day ordeal that seemed to be moving closer towards tragedy.

“Cleo is finally home!” Chelsea Smith posted the message to her Facebook account.

‘Words can’t describe the feeling to know she is safe & healthy & back where she belongs with her amazing mummy. Ellie is finally her princess!

The Smiths were overwhelmed by the joy felt by friends and family, who shared in Cleo’s return to home.

‘CLEO is back with family… The whole of Australia were behind you guys in tears & devastation & now it’s thru tears & love that we wish you well for the future,’ one person commented.

Another friend replied, “The most beautiful news to wake-up to this morning, thinking about you guys, it’ll only get better from there,”

“I have cried for your family today like this was my child!” I am so happy that she is safe now with her family and that the outcome is what we all prayed for. A well-wisher shared her thoughts.

Ellie's cousin (pictured) also took to social media to celebrate the homecoming of the four-year-old after an 18-day ordeal that looked to be moving closer to tragedy

Ellie’s cousin (pictured), took to social networking to celebrate Ellie’s homecoming following an 18-day ordeal which seemed to be moving closer toward tragedy.

WA Police released the first photo of Cleo after she was found at a home in Carnarvon on Wednesday morning, having been missing for 18 days - police say she is 'physically OK'

Cleo was first photographed by WA Police after she was found at Carnarvon’s home on Wednesday morning. She had been missing for 18 day and police say she is now ‘physically okay’

The host of The Project said the photo of Cleo smiling from her hospital bed 'broke' her and admitted to crying when she heard the incredible news - before later breaking down again on the show

The Project’s host said that Cleo’s photo of her smiling from her hospital bed “broke” her. She admitted to crying when she heard the amazing news, before breaking down on the show.

On Wednesday night’s The Project Carrie Bickmore, hosts burst into tears when they discussed the amazing footage of Cleo being saved by police officers. 

The Project host said Cleo smiling from her hospital room bed was a photo that ‘broke’ her. She admitted to crying when she learned the amazing news.

“That photo broke me today. It was a collective sob of relief and a quiet sigh this morning,’ Bickmore explained. “She’s such an angel.” 

Later, she was lost for words and wept as her co-hosts spoke of the incredible work WA Police had done in finding the missing child. 

Col Blanch, Deputy Commissioner, stated that there were tears from Commissioner Dawson throughout WA Police.

He stated, “We had hoped that this would happen, in our hearts,”

“We know that our colleagues became more desperate and they made the breakthrough when it was necessary.” 

Police say the 36-year-old man in custody was not previously on the sex offender's list despite locals saying he had an 'unhealthy interest in children'

Police claim that the 36-year old man in custody was not on the sex offenders’ list, despite locals claiming he had an unhealthy interest’ in children. 

When asked if it was the best moment of his career, Detective Sergeant Cameron Blaine replied: 'without a doubt'

When asked if it was his best moment in his career, Detective Sergeant Cameron Blaine responded: “Without a doubt.”

Det. Blaine, the policeman that first found Cleo, stated that he asked her for her name three times to confirm that it was the missing girl.    

He stated, “I just wanted be absolutely certain that, it certainly appears like Cleo. I wanted to make sure it was her,”

“What’s your name?” she asked. I asked her three times, but she didn’t answer. Then, she looked at me and said, “My name is Cleo.” That was it.

“Then, we turned around and walked outside the house. We got in the car shortly after that and the officer with whom I was riding called Cleo’s parents. He said that ”we have someone here that wants you to talk to”.

They were ecstatic.  

Cleo cried out “mummy” when she finally returned home to her mother after 18 days of not seeing her family. 

Blaine described Blaine’s little girl as an “energiser bunny” and confirmed that she was not physically injured when she was found.

The sergeant was asked if it was his best moment in his career and replied that it was.