As the last two hours of rescue and search for Cleo Smith, four-year old Cleo Smith were revealed by detectives who used mobile data to locate the abductor, they also discovered that the suspect was a man named as Cleo Smith. 

According to sources close to the investigation, the data from mobile phones was critical in allowing police to identify Terence Darrell Kelly (36), as the prime suspect. 

According to The West Australian, ‘His mobile phone was in that area for data collection’. “That information led to the taskforce to him.

Three new mobile base stations are located near Quobba, Western Australia’s remote camping where Cleo went missing on October 16.

Police were then provided with a list by telecommunication companies of all phone numbers used during times of interest. 

Detectives used mobile data to track down the alleged abductor of Cleo Smith as the final two hours of the search and rescue for the four-year-old are revealed

Cleo Smith was abducted by her alleged captor. Detectives used mobile phone data in their search to find him.

Police tailed Kelly in an unmarked police car at 11.24pm on Tuesday - just hours before they raided his housing commission home at Carnarvon at 1am on Wednesday

Kelly was followed by officers in an unmarked police vehicle at 11.24pm Tuesday, just hours before the raid on his Carnarvon Housing Commission home.

Rod Wilde, the detective superintendent said that Kelly was identified as a suspect after data had been layered.

‘So we put the phone data over numberplate-recognition data, CCTV, witness accounts, forensics… And when you layer them on top of each other you solve crimes and that is merely what we have done here.’

Kelly was spotted by police in an unmarked car on Tuesday at 11.24pm. This just hours after they raided the Carnarvon housing commission house at Carnarvon at 11:24 on Wednesday. 

Cameron Blaine, detective senior sergeant, said that officers had been waiting to see Kelly ‘go mobil and leave the premises.

“It was crystal clear to me what needed to happen so I said: “OK, let us do this.” 

Kelly was stopped by an unmarked police car as he drove down Robinson Street. Dashcam video from the taxi caught the event.

To prevent escape attempts, a second unmarked police car pulls up directly in front of the parked vehicle.

Witnesses recalled Kelly being pinched down by officers before they began to arrest him.

“We saw one detective on top of this guy, pinning him on the curb…you know really vigorously,” they stated.

The prime suspect being in custody, detectives decided to raid his home by 12.46 on Wednesday.  

Cleo then played with toys in a room that had been locked by Detectives.

‘I just saw a little girl sitting there and didn’t think about anything else than picking her up,’ Detective senior constable Kurt Ford said. 

As Chris Dawson, WA Police Commissioner, recalled details about the rescue of 7,200 state officers in From The Line’s internal weekly publication From The Line, it will be an unforgettable day.

Clutching a pink balloon, Cleo Smith was pictured in her mum's arms outside her Carnarvon home on Thursday, 24 hours after her incredible rescue

Cleo Smith, clutching a pink balloon in her hand, was photographed with her mom outside her Carnarvon house on Thursday 24 hours following her amazing rescue.

It was an historic day for the WA Police Force. It will be a memorable day for many officers’ careers.

“My pride has been overwhelming since the moment I received my first phone call from Col Blanch, advising about Cleo’s rescue just before midnight.

“Today, that pride should fill the hearts and minds of all employees at this amazing agency.”

Cleo, her grandmother Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon met the commissioner at their family home shortly after Cleo had been rescued.

He said that Cleo, her mom and Ellie were exchanging hugs and kisses as Cleo fell asleep under Ellie’s care.

It is a day that we will never forget. That’s why we joined the police force.

“From the bottom my heart, which is filled with pride, I want to thank everyone… This is a moment of history that you should enjoy and allow to carry forward the work of serving our community. 

Western Australia Police Commissioner Chris Dawson (pictured) as shared new details of Cleo Smith's incredible rescue and how the little girl fell asleep in her mum's arms when he met Cleo on Wednesday

Western Australia Police Commissioner Chris Dawson (pictured) as shared new details of Cleo Smith’s incredible rescue and how the little girl fell asleep in her mum’s arms when he met Cleo on Wednesday

Cleo was also photographed smiling in hospital by Mark McGowan. McGowan described Cleo’s sweetness and well-being during his Thursday visit to the family.

Also, Commissioner Dawson recalled his heartfelt moment of hearing the audio recording and first words that the little girl spoke to officers.

He said, “Police often see the worst in society, and Cleo’s circumstances certainly fall within that category.”

“But occasionally…we also have a great privilege to be able witness the very best humanity. The rescue of Cleo was one example of that.

“It should always be treasured.” 

Cleo’s parents were given strict directions by police not talk about the 18-day horror with Cleo. 

Commissioner Smith  will never forget when he first heard the audio of the little girl's rescue and the first words she uttered, telling officers: 'My name is Cleo' (pictured during her rescue)

Commissioner Smith  will never forget when he first heard the audio of the little girl’s rescue and the first words she uttered, telling officers: ‘My name is Cleo’ (pictured during her rescue)

On Thursday, Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine stated that it could be detrimental to the prosecution’s case to discuss the specifics of the incident because she may dilute the truth of the information.

Terence Darrell Kelly 36, who does not know the family but is only minutes from it, was charged Thursday night with several offences, including Cleo’s kidnapping.  

He made his appearance at Carnarvon Magistrate’s Court Thursday afternoon. There, he was refused bail.

Cleo’s parents were warned by police not to speak with Cleo until child abuse specialists interview her.

Cleo is back in the arms of her mother Ellie Smith and stepfather Jake Gliddon (pictured on Thursday)

Cleo has returned to the loving arms of her stepfather Jake Gliddon and mother Ellie Smith (pictured Thursday).

Police officer's guard the Tonkin Crescent house in Carnarvon, WA where Cleo Smith was rescued

Cleo Smith was saved by a police officer at the Tonkin Crescent House in Carnarvon WA.

Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine (pictured) warned the parents discussing the details of what happened could jeopardise the prosecution's case by diluting the accuracy of Cleo's information

Cameron Blaine, Detective Senior Sergeant (pictured), warned parents that discussing details about what occurred could compromise the prosecution’s case and dilute the truth of Cleo’s information

Senior Sergeant Blaine was one of four detectives who rescued Cleo out of her locked room.

“It is not always possible for people to understand this, but we would like to see the successful prosecution of those responsible at the end.

“We have given them some advice about that. That must be very difficult for them. We appreciate their cooperation and assistance with this.

According to him, the entire family has been cooperative and understanding throughout this ordeal. The police were tireless in their pursuit of Cleo’s alleged abductor.

Senior Sergeant Blaine explained that they understood where the investigation was going and what needs to be done.

“Our family liaison officer will be going out to talk to them now and help them with the next steps.”

Cleo Smith's mother Ellie was seen with her daughter for the first time since her dramatic rescue on Thursday afternoon

Cleo Smith’s mother Ellie saw her first visit with her daughter since Thursday’s dramatic rescue.

Little Cleo is seen getting into the car with her mother Ellie on Thursday afternoon, one day after she was rescued

Cleo, Little Cleo and Ellie are seen in the car together on Thursday afternoon after being rescued.

Cleo is found in an isolated room with her toys. The first audio clip was recorded on Thursday. 

Sergeant Blaine can hear the little girl asking him “what’s your name?” three times before she finally falteringly replied: ‘M-my name is Cleo.’

He stated that police had tried to provide as much information as they could to the parents, but at the moment investigators are still putting together all the pieces. 

“We share all information with them. Senior Sergeant Blaine stated that they have all the information necessary.

“Obviously, it is still an era where we are exploring all of the facts. There are many sources of information. Some information in this article is incorrect.

“So, while we are careful with the information that we give people, we want them to be 100 percent sure.” 

Terry Kelly, 36, was taken away from Carnarvon police station, in Western Australia, after sustaining head injuries

Terry Kelly, 36 years old, was taken to Carnarvon Police Station in Western Australia after receiving head injuries.

Kelly has been in custody for 45 hours after police took him out of the car around midnight on Wednesday, and put handcuffs on his wrists. 

The process of charging has been delayed after Kelly was allegedly attacked by another prisoner inside a police holding cell within hours of his arrest.

After receiving medical attention, he was released from the hospital.

However, police said that the officer had been admitted to the hospital after suffering new injuries in his own cell.  

Police forensic teams are continuing to scour the Tonkin Crescent address where Cleo was found

Cleo is being sought by police and forensic experts as they continue to search the Tonkin Crescent house. 

Thousands of missing person's posters were put up for Cleo Smith all over Carnarvon and surrounding areas

Cleo Smith’s poster was one of many thousands that were placed in Carnarvon and the surrounding area.

Forensic officers are expected to be at the home where Cleo was found for days if not weeks

Cleo’s home will be searched by forensic officers, who are likely to stay there for days or even weeks.

A rush by detectives could cause delays that can jeopardize any future trials, Seven’s Sunrise was told by the WA Deputy Commissioner.

He stated that the most important thing to police is for them to be able interview people about serious offences.

“So, we need to provide them with the most opportunity to answer any questions. This is to help ensure the validity of the court proceedings if they reach that stage.  

When detectives first found the little girl alone in a room playing with toys Sergeant Blaine asked her 'what is your name?' three times before she finally falteringly replied: 'M-my name is Cleo'

Detective Blaine asked the girl, “What is your name?” When she was first discovered by him alone in a playroom with toys, she finally answered: “M-my name is Cleo.” After being asked three times by Sergeant Blaine, the girl finally answered: ‘M-my Name is Cleo.’

A beaming Cleo is seen from her hospital bed after she was rescued by police on Wednesday

Cleo, beaming from her hospital room after being saved by police Wednesday afternoon

Kelly only had been at Carnarvon Police Station for a short time on Wednesday. On Wednesday, a prisoner set Kelly upon and Kelly was then taken to hospital.

Daily Mail Australia was told by the mother of this prisoner that her son became furious when Kelly was arrested.  

The woman stated that he was able to blow up and beat the man black and white as soon as he learned about this guy being arrested for stealing Cleo’s baby.

“I’m telling you, Kelly got into a serious hiding place… My son was put in shackles and taken to the hospital for treatment… He was really in bad shape. It is true that he is an enormous bloke, but he truly took it all in. 

According to a spokesperson for Western Australia Police Force, detectives will not comment on claims made by the woman.

Kelly was transported from his home to be treated in a hospital ambulance that had been parked outside of the police station. He was wrapped in a white bandage around his neck. 


 By Olivia Day for Daily Mail Australia

Friday, 15 October

Cleo, along with Ellie Smith and Jake Gliddon, arrive at Blowholes campsite about 6:30pm.

They arrived in the evening to a quiet night.

Saturday, September 16

Cleo’s last sighting with parents in tent that she shared with her family and baby sister, at 1:30 am. Cleo asks for water.

6.23am Ellie calls 000 and reports her eldest child missing. She continues searching the camp site.

6.30 am: Carnarvon Police Station dispatches the first two officers. The officers travel with lights and sirens to Blowholes in order of priority.

6.41 AM: Blowholes receives a second police vehicle with additional two officers.

7.10 am: First police car arrives. In a matter of minutes, comes the second.

7.26 AM: The police on scene create a protected area for forensics that is open to the public. It surrounds the tent in which Cleo last saw her.

7.33 AM: The drone operator will search the sky for a missing person.

7.44 am: Blowholes receive a third police vehicle.

8am: Cleo’s relatives and friends start to arrive in order to aid with the ground search.

A second group of detectives searched Cleo’s house briefly to ensure she wasn’t there.

The group then heads to Blowholes, where they stop cars entering and leaving the region.

8.09 AM: Police requested that an SES Team attend Blowholes’ search. A helicopter belonging to a local business arrived on the scene.

8.24 a.m.: The search is being assisted by the police air-wing as well as volunteer marine searchers.

8.34am: Police set up roadblocks at Blowholes to collect names, addresses and registration information of anyone coming or going. Search cars by police.

9.25 am: 9 SES persons arrive at Blowholes for assistance in the search.

Investigators, bounty hunters and officers from the Australian Federal Police have spent two-and-a-half weeks searching for missing four-year-old Cleo (pictured)

Cleo is missing from her home in Australia. This was Cleo’s search by bounty hunters and investigators (pictured).

9.30am: Ellie is distressed and detectives are there to help her.

11.30am: Major Crime Division homicide detectives call and travel to Perth to aid in the search.

1.30pm: Additional homicide detectives are flying in from Perth.

3pm: Carnarvon police officers and search professionals arrive to share their knowledge.

Sunday, October 17,

Ms Smith uses social media to appeal for the help of her daughter.

A Sunday Facebook post that stated: “It’s been more than 24 hours since the sparkle in my girl’s eyes last time I saw it.”

Please help me to find her

You can call police if you have any information.

Cleo might have been taken by police.

Monday, October 18, 2008

Police released an image showing the missing red and gray sleeping bag from Cleo’s tent.

Cleo is interrogated by Mandurah police about her biological father. They ask him to give a statement which he freely gives.

With the assistance of SES volunteers, aircraft, and SES officers, the WA Police continue their hunt for Cleo. Officers are also searching the surrounding area for vehicles and shacks.

Tuesday, October 19, 2009

Cleo’s mother Ellie Smith was joined by Jake Gliddon, her partner. They describe how they felt when Cleo went missing.

Ms Smith claims that her 4-year-old daughter would not have been able to leave the tent on her own.

Cleo’s pink and blue one-piece that she wore the night she vanished is now available to police for their investigation.

Police are urging anyone found at or near the site on October 15, to contact them. 

Wednesday, October 20

Cleo was unable to access the tent’s zip because it was not high enough for her to get at, according the police.

According to officers, they have not ruled out reports that campers heard screeching tires in the early hours Saturday morning.

Daryl Gaunt (Deputy Police Commissioner) confirmed that police are currently investigating whereabouts 20 registered Carnarvon-area sex offenders.

Thursday, 21 October

Cleo is being sought by the WA Government for any information leading to her location, as announced by WA Premier Mark McGowan.

McGowan stated that all Western Australians are in Cleo’s thoughts during this difficult time.

“We all pray for a positive outcome.”

It was unheard of for the reward to be issued so quickly – in just days after her disappearance.

Pictured: Police are seen examining rubbish left near the Blowholes campsite in remote WA

Pictured: In remote WA, police are seen inspecting rubbish that was left at the Blowholes campsite 

Monday 25 October

WA Police confirm that Cleo was at the camp site. The footage is from CCTV camera on the beach shack, which is only 20m from where she vanished from. 

Tuesday, 26th October

On Tuesday, detectives and forensic officers spent a lot of time at Carnarvon home, which is 900km north from Perth. They left with two bags full of evidence.

While investigators have been in the home previously, they were unable to conduct a thorough search inside without a forensics team.

Col Blanch, acting WA Police Commissioner stated that the family’s search was standard practice and they weren’t suspects in Cleo’s disappearance.

Wednesday, October 27

WA Police forensics officers are back at Blowholes campsite and can be seen taking soil samples from several campfires close to shacks.

Federal Government announces that Australian Federal Police Officers have been recruited to assist with intelligence and forensic investigations.

Friday 29th October

Blowholes Camp is being reopened by police to conduct aerial surveys of the surrounding area.

As the search nears the two week mark, Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde is back at the Blowholes campsite and joins the hunt for Cleo.

He said that Cleo is being sought by both international and national agencies.

Sunday, 31 Oct

Cleo is 5km from Cleo’s childhood home when detectives knock on doors of a few homes in North West Coastal Highway, North Plantations.

Monday, November 1,

The roadside rubbish bins are hundreds of kilometres from where the victim vanished. Detectives search through them for clues.

Material was taken to Perth by forensic officers, who searched through the bags for any items that could have been used in Cleo’s disappearance.

The police issue an appeal for CCTV and dashcam footage within 1000km of the area where the missing four-year old disappeared.

Police appeal to more Carnarvon businesses to take footage of an area in the industrial outskirts.

Her elated mother, Ellie, (pictured, with Cleo, her partner and younger daughter) broke her silence the morning Cleo was found, sharing a series of love heart emojis on Instagram

Ellie (pictured with Cleo her younger daughter and partner) was overcome by emotion when her mother broke her silence. They shared a number of love heart emoticons on Instagram. 

Wednesday, November 3

Cleo Smith was found alive in November 3 after two and a half weeks of diligent searching.

Col Blanch (WA Police) confirmed shortly before 7 a.m. AEST that Cleo had been reunited and is well.

“One officer took her in his arms and asked, “What’s your name?” He said. “She replied, “My name is Cleo.”

Ellie Smith wrote to social media, “Our family is complete again”.

Detectives are currently questioning a Carnarvon male in custody.

On October 19, Ellie Smith (pictured) and her partner Jake Gliddon fronted the media for the first time and begged the public to report any information 'big or small'

Ellie Smith (pictured), with her partner Jake Gliddon, appeared before the media on October 19. They asked for information from the public about any information that was’small or large’.