Cleo Smith allegedly abducted a mother to use her photos of family members for multiple fake Facebook profiles.  

Terence Darrell Kelly 36 has been charged for abducting Cleo and her family from their tent in Carnarvon. He also kept her prisoner in his desolate home. 

A web of Facebook profiles belonging to the Bratz doll collector were discovered after his arrest. 

Kelly had used the photos of both Kelly and his daughter after a Reddit user notified him.  

Terence Darrell Kelly appears to have controlled several social media profiles on which he detailed his obsession with dolls toys, including this image which he captioned: 'Nothing beats chilling at home with my Bratz dolls'

Terence Darrell Kelly seems to have had several social media accounts under his control. He described his obsession with doll toys and included this picture captioned “Nothing beats chilling with my Bratz dolls at home.”

Kelly liked bikinis for baby topics in the days leading up to the kidnapping. 

The Australian reports that his Facebook accounts were communicating with each other in order to make it seem real.

Kelly pictured the Sydney mom, using images taken from her social media accounts. Kelly was trying to make up a family.   

Kelly is charged with using fake Facebook profiles to communicate his Facebook accounts Terence TezKelz and Bratz DelLuca.

According to the woman, she didn’t know why 36-year old used her images.

“Of all the people in this world, I’m asking myself why you?” She asked, “What have I done?” or “What has my daughter done?”

“Who’s following us to make this happen?”

According to the mother, her discovery made it clear that neither she nor her daughter knew how social media works.

She said, “My daughter hasn’t done any wrong and I haven’t done any wrong. But now, it seems like we are best friends,” 

Terence Darrell Kelly, 36, (pictured) has been charged with allegedly abducting four-year-old Cleo Smith. His social media profiles, such as this one above, detail his obsession with Bratz dolls

Terence Darrell Kelly (36), has been accused of allegedly kidnapping Cleo Smith, four years old. As you can see, his Instagram profiles (such as the one shown above) detail his obsession for Bratz dolls.

One piece of footage showed what appears to be a room in Kelly's house filled with the dolls, many of which were still in their original packaging

One footage shows what looks like Kelly’s room, filled with dolls. Some of the dolls were even in their original packaging. 

Kelly Bratz deLuca account, in which he calls himself an ‘alpha father’ and warns his children, who are between 11-21 years old about online predators 

Kelly was also featured in multiple images on the profile, posing with Bratz dolls.  

“I love to take my dolls out for a ride and do their hair. I also enjoy taking pictures in public,” the account said. 

Bratz deLuca posted a Facebook photo of Cleo Smith’s disappearance with children on the shore, along with a sticker that said “baby girls the best” and “feeling blessed”.

As well as Bratz dolls, photos show Kelly was a collector of many other children's toys including Disney princesses

Kelly also collected Bratz dolls. Photos show that Kelly had other toys for children, including Disney Princesses. 

Mr Kelly who is accused of abducting little Cleo Smith winked as he boarded a plane in shackles to fly to Perth where he will remain in jail ahead of his next court appearance

The man accused of abducting Cleo Smith was seen smiling as he boarded an airplane in shackles in order to fly to Perth, where he will stay in jail until his next court appearance.

Cleo is pictured clinging to the shoulder of a police detective as she is rescued from the house in Carnarvon in the early hours of Wednesday

Cleo, pictured holding onto the shoulder of a detective from police as she was rescued from Carnarvon’s house at the beginning of Wednesday

WA Police released the first photo of Cleo after she was found at a home in Carnarvon on Wednesday morning, having been missing for 18 days

After Cleo was missing 18 days, the WA Police have released her first photograph. She was discovered at Carnarvon’s home on Wednesday morning.

Acting from a tip-off and extensive police work, detectives broke down a locked inside Mr Kelly’s home at Tonkin Crescent in Brockman, WA, where they found Cleo playing with toys.   

A 36-year–old man was arrested Thursday for allegedly abducting the 4-year-old girl from her tent at Blowholes Campground on October 16. 

Photographed naked and in shackles, Mr Kelly smiled at the photographers while he was being escorted from Carnarvon’s cell to an Australian Police aircraft.  

Although police have not provided any details on how Kelly disappeared from Cleo’s campsite to get to her house, Facebook profiles that Kelly has linked with paint an image of a truly strange person.