Cleo Smith’s biological Dad posts a heartwarming note on his front door – as he’s reunited her with her mum, stepdad and sister

  • After his daughter was found alive, Cleo Smith’s biological father broke down in silence
  • Daniel Staines has a Welcome Home Cleo sign on his front door 
  • The sign is identical to the many plastered around her hometown, 1,000km away

The biological dad of Cleo Smith has posted a heartwarming note to his front home hours after his daughter was found alive and well.

The four-year old girl was reunited with her family Wednesday, 18 days after she disappeared from their tent at a remote campsite 75 km north of Carnarvon, Western Australia.

Cleo’s biological Dad Daniel Staines lives in Carnarvon, 1000km from his parents.

He has put up a ‘Welcome Home Cleo’ sign featuring a blue love heart on the front door of his Halls Head home located 77km south of Perth.

Cleo Smith (pictured) was reunited with her family on Wednesday, 18 days after she vanished from their remote campsite

Cleo Smith (pictured), was reunited Wednesday with her family 18 days after she disappeared at their remote campsite.

Cleo's biological dad Daniel Staines posted this sign on the front door of his Halls Head home south of Perth

This sign was placed by Cleo’s biological dad Daniel Staines at his Halls Head home south Perth.

To express his relief at Cleo’s rescue, Mr Staines broke his silence the day before.

‘We are all absolutely overjoyed at the good news this morning and so happy that Cleo has been reunited with her mum and dad,’ the Staines family said in a written  statement to The West Australian.

“Thank you to everyone who helped find her and bring home her, especially the WA Police and SES, and the Carnarvon Community.

Cleo, her mother Ellie Smith, and Jake Gliddon were sent their ‘best wishes by Mr Staines and his extended family.

The note is similar in appearance to the dozens of Welcome Home Cleo signs that are plastered all over Carnarvon. Spending her first night home with her mother, stepfather, and baby sister. 

Welcome Home Cleo were the final words of WA Deputy Police Commissioner Col Blanch’s video message to the world confirming that Cleo was alive and well.

Daniel Staines (right) is overjoyed that his biological daughter has been found

Daniel Staines (right), overjoyed to find his biological daughter

Mr Staines lives with his parents in Halls Head (home pictured), 1000km south of his daughter's hometown of Carnarvon

Mr Staines resides with his parents in Halls Head (home shown), 1000km south his daughter’s hometown Carnarvon.

Col Blanch, WA Deputy Commissioner of Police, stated that Cleo and her relatives slept in the exact same room on Wednesday night. They ‘cuddled all night.

Mr Blanch said that her parents are relieved to have their daughter home after police beat all odds to find Cleo alive and safe.

He told 2GB’s Ben Fordham that Ellie and Jake had been through 18 days in hell, and that Australia felt the same with them.

‘They had a little bit of hope, but they probably believed they were never going give her a cuddle again.

WA Deputy Police Commissioner Col Blanch has revealed Cleo slept together in the same room as her mum, stepdad and baby sister and 'cuddled all night' after her incredible rescue

Col Blanch, WA Deputy Commissioner of Police, revealed that Cleo slept with her stepdad, baby sister, and mum in the same room and ‘cuddled throughout the night’ after her rescue. 

“I’m pretty certain they all slept in one room, just cuddling all night.”

The missing four-year old girl was found by police in West Australia at Carnarvon on Wednesday morning, three weeks after her disappearance.

Terry Kelly, 36, was not present at the home when it was raided. He was arrested in connection to Cleo’s kidnapping from her parents’ tent at Blowholes campsite (74km away) on October 16.

Cleo's biological dad and his parents broke their silence through a note stuck to their front door (pictured) and a written statement

Cleo’s biological father and his parents broke their silence by sticking a note to their front door (pictured) as well as a written statement.