After learning that Cleo Smith had been saved by his officers, the West Australian police chief broke down and wept.

  • Cleo Smith is found alive in Carnarvon, 73km away from where she disappeared 
  • After hearing the news, Chris Dawson (WA Police Commissioner) cried after he heard it.
  • Mick Fuller, NSW Police boss, told him that Cleo was still being pursued by the West Australian Police.
  • Dawson stated that ‘good old fashion policework’ was what led to the rescue of a little girl. 

The Western Australia police chief wept when he learned that his officers had found CleoSmith alive and well, 18 days after she disappeared from a remote campsite.

The four-year-old was found by detectives in Carnarvon, just 73km from the place she had gone missing, at 1:01 AM on Wednesday.

Detectives are currently questioning a 36-year-old man from the suburb. 

Radio 2GB Radio NSW Commissioner Mick Fuller said that Chris Dawson, his Western Australian counterpart was in tears after hearing the incredible discovery.

Detectives discovered Cleo Smith in a locked house in Carnarvon, 73km from where she went missing, about 1am on Wednesday

Cleo Smith disappeared around 1am Wednesday, and was discovered by detectives in Carnarvon in a locked room.

Western Australia Police Commissioner Chris Dawson (pictured) was in tears after hearing of the miraculous discovery, his NSW counterpart Mick Fuller revealed

Chris Dawson, Western Australia’s Police Commissioner, was moved to tears when he heard that Mick Fuller, his NSW counterpart, had made the miraculous discovery.

“When he received the call this morning, he broke down and wept. This speaks volumes. He’s a veteran police officer so you rarely see him like that,” Mr Fuller told 2GB’s Ben Fordham.

“I thought that the chances of her being found alive were very slim.

‘He said that the West Australian Police had never given up on Cleo. It was good old fashion policework that brought her back to life. 

Fordham was clearly emotional moments earlier as he relayed that Cleo had been found by detectives.

Fordham stated, “As the father to little girls, I’m just as happy for their families,”

“I don’t know what causes it to hit so hard, but it does when it’s a little child.

“We’ll have more information on the rescue as the day progresses. Cleo, we are happy to welcome you home for now. 

Moments earlier, the discovery was confirmed by Col Blanch, WA Deputy Commissioner. It occurred just before 7 AM AEDT.

Cleo was reunited with her parents a short time after being discovered by police in a locked Carnarvon home. Cleo is pictured above with her mother Ellie

Cleo was found in a Carnarvon locked house by police and was quickly reunited with her parents. Cleo is shown above with Ellie, her mother.

2GB radio host Ben Fordham's voice clearly trembled as he confirmed the miraculous discovery. 'As the father of little girls, I'm just so happy for their family,' he said

Ben Fordham, 2GB radio host was clearly shaken as he confirmed the amazing discovery. “As a father of little girls I’m just so happy to support their family,” he said.

“What’s your name?” One of the officers took her into his arms. He said.

‘She said that Cleo is my name.

Cleo was reunited soon after with her parents. 

Blanch stated, “This is what we all hoped and prayed,”

Police broke their way into a locked house in Carnarvon about 1am on Wednesday and found the four-year-old in one of the rooms

Police broke into a Carnarvon house around 1am Wednesday to find the four year-old child in one of the rooms.

“It’s because of some incredible policework that we’ve achieved it.

“I want to thank Cleo’s parents, the Western Australian community, and all the volunteers.”

Police interviewed more than 110 people who were present at the Blowholes campsite in Carnarvon on October 16, when Cleo arrived with her family.

The little girl was last seen at the campsite on WA’s northwest coast at 1.30am on that night.