Moment Coastguard helicopter rescues mother and baby after woman falls on Welsh beaches.

  • Following a fall on rocks by a woman, the mother and baby were saved at a Welsh beach. 
  • The dramatic footage captures the couple being taken from danger to safety by a helicopter
  • Yesterday, the mother was injured on her head by falling onto rocks. She was taken to hospital. 

After the mother fell on the rocks and struck her head while out walking with the family, a child and a father were able to save their daughter from drowning in the Welsh sea. 

Dramatic footage captures a Coastguard helicopter rescuing two victims from rocks near Rotherslade and Langland on the Gower Peninsula. 

This unnamed woman, who was traveling with her children at the time of her injury was faced with being trapped by the rising sea.

The one child who stayed with her tried to comfort her. While the other ran to the beach, the first attempted to alarm her. 

A mother and child are saved from drowning at a Welsh beach after the woman fell and hit her head on rocks between Langland and Rotherslade on the Gower Peninsula

The mother and her baby were saved by the Gower Peninsula’s rocks after she fell onto the Langland-Rotherslade rock faces.

Coastguard spokesmen said that the two adults and their children were making their way over rocks between Rotherslade, Langland, and Langland when one of them fell and suffered a head injury. She was then unable to go on.

“One child returned safely to the beach to seek assistance. Another remained at the scene with the victim.

The spokesperson said the pair were taken to hospital for treatment, and added: ‘We wish the casualty a speedy recovery.’

The helicopter airlifts two people before they're taken to hospital for treatment

The helicopter airlifts two people before they’re taken to hospital for treatment

Mumbles RNLI wrote in a Facebook post: “At 4pm, our volunteer teams of both lifeboats responded to 3 casualties on rocks between Langland & Rotherslade.

“The UK Coastguard Milford Haven reported that two children were being assisted and the other was being cut by the tide.

The boats were able to keep up with Coastguard Helicopters187 and Mumbles Coastguard Cliff Rescue Team at their best.

The unnamed woman, who was injured on the rocks, risked being trapped by the rising tide at the Gower Peninsula

Unnamed woman was hurt on rocks and could have been trapped by rising waters at Gower Peninsula.

“Following an assessment of the UK Coastguard paramedic helicopter, all casualties were wonched to safety by helicopter. While safety cover was provided by both the boats and Mumbles Cliff rescue group.

“Both boats have returned to their station.”

Anthony Dyke of Newton, one witness said to WalesOnline: “The Coastguards cordoned Rotherslade for some time in the event that the helicopter/lifeboat had to land at the beach.”