It’s so awkward! Moment young woman goes in for a sex at college football game. But her boyfriend insists that it was a joke between them.

  • A Wake Forest fan appeared to reject a girl’s kiss during the Demon Deacons’ 45-7 win over Duke on Saturday
  • Broadcast by ESPN, the rejection was captured on camera during a break in a game
  • Both the man AND the woman have their own versions of the story, and they both shared them on social media
  • “It was also her last (or first?) college football game.” Reddit: He wrote, “It was also her first (maybe last?) college football game.”

The Kiss Cam is a long-standing tradition for couples who love sports to have a little romance. However, love was not on the air at a recent college football game when a young woman was rejected by her husband.   

Cameras were swooping over fans at the Wake Forest Demon Deacons’ crushing win against Duke on Saturday, when they zoomed in on a young couple in the crowd.   

The girl approached the boy and started to flirt and chat, and then she leaned in for an intimate kiss. 

But the guy had other ideas. He leaned in to her, pretending not notice her in one the most brutal rejections at a sporting event.

The girl can be seen giving her beau the look before she attempts to reach in for a kiss

The man savagely rejected the girls advances as he watches what's happening on the field

A college football fan refused to give his girlfriend a kiss on ESPN during Wake Forest’s 45-7 win against Duke. He claimed that it was a misunderstanding and that the rejection had been an inside joke

After the crushing blow, the internet was quick to denounce the young man but the pair insist that the move was just an ‘inside joke’.

“I was just playing with it, like when you go for kisses and then you stop because it’s funny,” the man said in a TikTok clip. ‘And that happened to be the one part that was on national TV… We’re cool, she’s not like mad.’

The woman followed suit and filmed her in her car on Tiktok, explaining that the’rejection’ was actually an inside joke’ between them.

She said that whenever we kiss, it’s like a joke between them where one of our kisses will be swerved so that we don’t actually kiss. 

‘We didn’t know we were being recorded so me getting rejected was caught live on national television… I was a little embarrassed but now it’s kind of funny.’ 

Both have not posted under their own names and have not revealed who they are. 

As the video went viral on social media platforms over the weekend, the guy chose to address the situation head-on and shared his side of the story on a Reddit thread

The video went viral over the weekend on social media platforms. The guy decided that he would address the issue head-on and shared his perspective on a Reddit thread.

The man also shared a Reddit post to clarify the situation.

“Basically, I’ve been talking with this girl for a while and just started dating about one week ago. I tell her that we are undefeated and will win. She said yes. We go with a group and have a blast. He explained that we were flirting, hugging, kissing, and even hugging throughout the game. 

“So, we do our little inside joke thing and, unbeknownst, we are being taped. I find that I am now on the wake forest old rows Instagram page. Within an hour, however, I am also on the official old row page. I then find myself on TikTok and Twitter, and possibly Reddit as well. 

So, long story short, the guy rejecting the girl’s kiss was just his way of flirting with her and the camera basically caught him in the act. 

He said that it was unlikely that the same thing would happen again and he suggested that this could have been the last college football game that he attended with the woman.

“It was also her last (or first?) college football game.” He wrote that it was also her first (or last?) college football match.