Extinction Rebellion activists climbed up a Tube train in protest of climate change.

James Mee (37), was pulled onto Canning Tube Station’s platform and kicked off by angry passengers on the morning of October 17, 2019.

Jurors heard that Mee, a accounts administrator and Mark Ovland, 38 a former Buddhist teacher used a ladder to climb on the train.

The banner read “business as usual=death” while an announcement was made telling the crowd to leave.

Edmund Blackman was the prosecutor. He said that the couple were on the train only for 20 minutes, but that 48,000 commuters had been affected.

XR activists Mark Ovland (left) and James Mee (right) used a telescopic ladder to climb onto a London Tube train

XR activists Mark Ovland (left) and James Mee (right) used a telescopic ladder to climb onto a London Tube train

“The crowd’s attitude and that of some members of the public were inconvenient were hostile, and the atmosphere on the platform became very ugly.

“People tried reaching out to grab the banner and people from the train.

TfL personnel asked Mees and Ovland for permission to descend, but they declined.

According to Mr Blackman, “A lot people were using their cameras and recording the events.”

“One of those recording appears to have been present by arrangement. He was involved in Extinction Rebellion and recording the events for publicity purposes.

The crowd turned on him once they realized who he truly was. He was then attacked on the platform by members of public.

Mee was grabbed by a passenger and dragged down to the platform. He was then surrounded and kicked.

One passenger also climbed onto the train to move towards Ovland.

According to Mr Blackman, “Mr Ovland had been part pushed of the train, and part slid up by his own volition. He realized that he might have to be thrown off, or dragged,”

Two protestors were arrested after refusing to answer questions from police. Ovland, however, read them a prepared statement.

The sign said, “Today, I participated in a demonstration that highlighted the urgency of climate collapse.

“Business and government don’t take it seriously as it should be, so I can only do what is necessary before it is too late.

“It’s my civic and moral duty to raise the matter …’

The court heard that they were aboard the train for twenty minutes.

“Ten trains were cancelled,” said Mr Blackman.

The train between the platforms was stopped immediately prior to this, and it was delayed for 43 minutes.

According to TfL, 48,000 persons had their travels affected due to the actions of these defendants.

According to Mr Blackman, the defense will not contest this evidence. Therefore you might be wondering what your actions are here.

“The answer to your question is: Their actions were, for the most part, a legitimate exercise of their democratic right protest.

The prosecution maintains that the exercise was improper and so they are guilty.

Ovland of Keinton Mandeville in Somerset and Mee of Filton, Bristol deny blocking engines or carriages from railways.

The trial is continuing.