A company director attacked a boy aged 13 years old and stamped on his mother’s cheeks because the teenager had taken down his patriotic St George’s flag decorations, which he had erected in commemoration of VE Day.

Andrew Morris, 44 grabbed the boy while he was hiding in a bathroom. He then took his mobile phone out of his hand and pulled him along the floor at their Greater Manchester house on May 9, last year.

The graphic designer, who had been drinking heavily before, beat up the boy’s mother, knocking her to her knees and stamping on the neck and face. 

She was left “dripping in blood” and required eight stitches to fix a cut on her top, four cm of laceration to her back, and significant bruising to her right side.

Morris appeared at Manchester Crown Court on Tuesday to be sentenced having earlier pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm, common assault and criminal damage.

He was sentenced to eight-months imprisonment with a two-year suspension.

Andrew Morris, 44, pictured outside Manchester Crown Court on Tuesday. He was handed a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to causing grievous bodily harm, common assault and criminal damage

Andrew Morris, 44, was pictured at Manchester Crown Court on Tuesday. He was handed a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to causing grievous bodily harm, common assault and criminal damage

Morris, a company director, admitted he had been drinking heavily when he attacked a 13-year-old boy and his mother

Morris, a company director, admitted that he had been drinking heavily when the attack on a 13-year old boy and his mother occurred.

The court heard from the prosecution that the incident occurred just 24 hours after VE Day, which marks the unconditional surrender by Germany and the end to World War Two.

Charlotte Rimmer, the prosecutor, stated to the court that the boy ripped down VE Day Bunting Union Flags which the defendant had helped to put up outside her house the day before in celebration of the event.

‘The defendant was upset by his behaviour had an argument with the boy’s mother called her son “a little c***” and said his behaviour was disrespectful.

“He left the property, but returned later, smelling strongly of alcohol. The mother spoke with the defendant and asked him for permission to leave. He was then offered to drive him somewhere. He became more aggressive and began to cry.

He then pushed her on the shoulders, causing her to fall to floor. The next thing she remembers is being on the floor with the defendant’s foot striking her to the back of her head. The defendant stamped his right hand on her face and neck.

The court heard the mother screaming for her son to lock himself inside the bathroom and call the police.

Morris kicked down the door and ripped the phone out of his hand as the boy did.

She described seeing her son fall to the ground before she managed grab Morris, a drunk, as he fell down the stairs.

Morris, Stockport, Heaviley, eventually gave up on the property. 

Morris pictured outside court in a suit with a cigarette in hand. He has also been ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and was made subject to a restraining order from the mother and son

Morris is seen outside court wearing a suit and holding a cigarette. He was also required to work 200 hours unpaid and was placed under a restraining order by his mother and father.

Morris became furious after the boy threw a tantrum and tore down VE day decorations, the court heard

Morris was furious when the boy threw a tantrum, and tore down VE Day decorations, the court heard.

A neighbor described the mother and her son as “very upset”, “very crying and shaking”.

Morris was later arrested at the father’s house. 

Rachel Shenton, Morris’ defense lawyer, stated in mitigation, “fully accepts that this was wholly unacceptable violence, which should never have occurred.”

She said that Morris had ‘expressed regret’ by writing ‘heartfelt letters’ and that he was a ‘good man who did a wrong thing on one occasion’. 

Passing sentence, Mr Recorder Carwyn Cox said: ‘The ripping down of the bunting was the trigger for all this but on that evening, you were out of control, you completely lost all common sense which you usually have.

“It was a frightening incident for anyone, let alone a young boy of 13 years old. But I accept that this was totally out of character and that it was a once-off event. You are sorry and have taken steps to rectify your behavior.

Morris was sentenced to a suspended prison term and also required to complete 200 hours unpaid work. In addition, he was prohibited from contacting his son and mother indefinitely pursuant to a restraining orders.