The London Bridge terrorist was killed by a killer who had used the tusk of a Narwhal to do so. He has expressed his deep regret and regretted the murder which led to him being sentenced.

Steve Gallant, 43 years old, helped to capture Usman Khan (28-year-old jihadist knifeman) during the 2019 terror event.

Jack Merritt, a graduate of Fishmonger’s Hall was killed by the terrorist before he ran out onto London Bridge. 

Gallant was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment in 2005 after being convicted of the murder in Hull Barrie Jackson. He was also attending rehabilitation events when Khan’s attack began.

Gallant was speaking today, his first public appearance on the subject of the terror attack. Channel 4’s Gallant stated that ‘people can change’.

“You can make a mistake and still do something right. It was my hope it would inspire other prison inmates.

He said, “I regret deeply the fact that I took someone’s lives.”

Convicted killer Steve Gallant, 43, used a narwhal tusk to help bring down the London Bridge terrorist has spoken about the attack as well as his 'deep regret' for a murder that saw him locked up for life

Steve Gallant (33) was convicted of killing the London Bridge terrorist.

Gallant, who was jailed for 17 years in 2005 for the murder of Barrie Jackson in Hull, was attending a rehabilitation event when fellow participant Khan (pictured) launched his attack

Gallant was serving 17 years for murdering Barrie Jackson in Hull in 2005. He was at a rehabilitation function when Khan (pictured), launched his attack.

“And I have come to accept that nobody is allowed to endanger another’s life, or commit violence.

“The effect of seeing everyone devastated and being sent to prison had an enormous impact on me early in my sentence.

“It was then that I made the decision to learn, change and stop using violence. 

Gallant spoke today for the first time about the terror attack. 'People can change,' he told Channel 4

Gallant was speaking today, his first public appearance on the subject of the terror attack. He told Channel 4 that people can make changes. 

He added: 'Prison can work. But I think it's got to come from within if you don't want to change, nothing can change you'

He said, “Prison can be effective.” However, he said that prison can work if it comes from the inside. If you refuse to change then nothing will change.

Jack Merritt was killed by Usman Khan during the 2019 terror attack

Saskia Jones was killed by Usman Khan during the 2019 terror attack

Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, both graduates of Fishmonger’s Hall were killed in the attack. The terrorist then ran to London Bridge.

Steven Gallant, pictured with Jack Merritt, chased and helped pin down jihadist knifeman Usman Khan during the 2019 terror incident

Steven Gallant and Jack Merritt are pictured together as they chased Usman Khan the Jihadist Knifeman during the 2019 terrorist incident

He stated that prison can actually work. However, he said that prison can be a good option. He also stated: “Prison is a place where you are able to make a change. Nothing will force you to.”

He said Jack Merritt was ‘amazing’ in an interview that aired at 7 PM on Channel 4 today.

“He had such profound effects on many prison inmates. He was not only tragically murdered that way and Saskia, too. However, his positive influence on the lives of so many others in the prison system is heartbreaking.

Gallant, wielding a narwhal tusk he had grabbed from the hall, was part of a group who chased knife-wielding Khan before bringing him to the ground. (Pictured: The group tackle terrorist Khan)

Gallant was holding a narwhal-tusk that he grabbed from the hall. He was part of a team who pursued Khan, the knife-wielding terrorist, before taking him to the ground. (Imaged: A group confronts terrorist Khan.

The narwhal tusk used by members of the public as they tackled terrorist Usman Khan

As they fought terrorist Usman Khan, the members of public used the narwhal’s tusk

Khan is confronted by armed police on London Bridge following attack at Fishmongers' Hall

After an attack on Fishmongers’ Hall, Khan is confronted at London Bridge by armed police

“The work he could continue doing is a tragedy. We have lost someone so young and powerful.

“I have been in some very dark and dark places. But if I can find something out of that it will show that you don’t necessarily need to follow the same route. If someone is able to take that from you, great!

He also talked about how he met the terrorist.

He stated, “He came toward me and he open his jacket. Then he showed me an explosive belt he had around his waist. It was a scare tactic. 

“But he had been on a murder spree. For some reason, I could not just leave. 

Gallant (pictured) was part of a gang who attacked firefighter Mr Jackson after he was cleared of the alleged attempted murder of a prostitute in Hull

Gallant (pictured), was part of a gang that attacked Firefighter Jackson, after Jackson was cleared from the attempted Murder of a Hull prostitute.

“I believed it to be fake. After I gave up on it, I saw a guy next to me with a narwhal trunk.

“So I thought that was awesome. This is how I intend to help Usman.

“The idea was for me to distract him and keep busy until the police arrived.

“He is swinging knives at me. I keep enough distance to protect myself. I was able to hit him with the narwhal tail, but it snapped under him. 

“He ran towards me, because I was unarmed.” So, I backtracked.

“He made his way to the front door. He suddenly rushed towards the front door and jumped out.

“I followed him on the street.

‘I noticed women walking toward him, completely unaware. I shouted to them “get back terrorist”. Then others came out and joined me.

Barrie Jackson was sprayed with CS gas and beaten to the ground with a hammer by two men - including Gallant. He was so badly beaten paramedics struggled to find his mouth

Barrie Jackson was sprayed in CS gas, and beat to death with a hammer. This happened by Gallant as well. Paramedics had to struggle to locate his mouth after he was badly beat.

“There is John Crilly holding a fire extinguisher, and Darryn Frost holding another narwhal trunk. They chased Usman Khan, who ran down toward London Bridge. “So I did the same.

Gallant was released from prison early after using the Narwhal Tusk to defeat Usman Khan (Fishmonger’s Hall) during his terrorist attack.

Gallant was serving time in prison for killing Barrie Jackson, a firefighter, in 2005. 

“Mr Jackson was having a drink at The Dolphin in Greenwich Avenue in Hull on Sunday April 24, 2005.

Pictured: Vicky Foster has said she is struggling to process the early release of her ex-partner's killer

Vicky Foster says she’s still trying to understand the release of her ex-partner who was murdered.

Paramedics tried to save him but could not locate his mouth.

Two men including Gallant sprayed Mr Jackson with CS gas, and beat him to death with a hammer. After believing that Jackson had assaulted Gallant’s girlfriend, the pair waited outside of Dolphin to find Mr Jackson.

Jackson was finally caught by police after a thorough search of the city.

As Jackson was not running away, the men continued attacking Jackson with a premeditated attack and coordination.

After his death, a post-mortem showed that all of the bones in his skull had been removed.

Steve Gallant of East Hull and Daniel Gilligan were both convicted and given a minimum of 17 years imprisonment.

Vicky Foster was Vicky Jackson’s partner in the past and stated previously that Gallant’s actions on London Bridge did not provide enough proof of his reform. 

She explained that it was a difficult thing to handle for her and the children. 

“Every time I see this in the news, it brings all of it back to me and the children and that is obviously hard.