Ghislaine Maxwell, a child sex-trafficker, is studying Russian in prison “to keep her sanity”

  • Ghislaine, age 60, can speak three languages fluently, but she also practices Russian. 
  • To practice her language, she is permitted to use her computer for “a few hours” each day.  
  • According to the socialite, she made this unusual decision in order to maintain her sanity.

The Mail on Sunday has the exclusive scoop: Ghislaine Maxwell, a child sex dealer and prisoner, is studying Russian behind bars.

The 60-year-old disgraced British socialite, whose lawyers launched an appeal for a retrial last week, is fluent in three other languages – French, Italian and Spanish – but is studying Russian ‘to maintain her sanity’.

Maxwell, who was found guilty last month of five counts of child sex trafficking and faces up to 65 years in jail when she is sentenced in June, is in solitary confinement at New York’s Metropolitan Detention Centre. 

She’s on suicide watch and allowed to wear only paper clothing. Books are not permitted.

‘She can’t even have a pen and paper,’ an insider said. 

‘The conditions are appalling. She’s checked every 15 minutes throughout the day and night. 

Ghislaine Maxwell, pictured speaking to The Mail on Sunday in a world exclusive interview from her 10ft by 12ft prison cell inside New York's notorious Metropolitan Detention Center

Pictured, Ghislaine Maxwell in 2010

Convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell is learning Russian while in solitary confinement at New York’s Metropolitan Detention Centre, The Mail on Sunday can reveal 

Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of recruiting girls for paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein (pictured together in 1995, above), who killed himself in jail in 2019

Ghislaine Minwell was convicted in 2015 of recruiting girls as paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein. She committed suicide in 2019, after which he was photographed together.

‘They shine a flashlight into her cell all night which makes it impossible to sleep.’

She is allowed to use her laptop for just a few hours per day by the prison governor in order to study Russian with a CD course. 

The source added: ‘It’s helping her to keep her mind focused. Studying is helping maintain her sanity.’

Maxwell was convicted in 1999 of recruiting girl for Jeffrey Epstein, a paedophile financier. He died in 2019 in prison.

Her lawyers claim she was prosecuted ‘by proxy’ for his crimes, and want a retrial after two jurors admitted using their own experience of being sexually abused to sway other jurors.