Labour’s Left questions why Christian Wakeford of Tory is welcome. But Sir Keir Sterner won’t allow Jeremy Corbyn in.

  • Labour party members of the left-wing are attempting to return Corbyn’s whip 
  • The former leader is banned from being a Labour MP.
  • After Christian Wakeford’s resignation, this is the real challenge
  • The former Tory reportedly once branded the Labour party a ‘bunch of “c****s”‘  

The Labour Left-wingers have this week set themselves to challenge Sir Keir Starmer by bidding for the restoration of the party whip to Jeremy Corbyn.

They claim that banning the former leader from sitting as a Labour MP is ‘unjustifiable’ now that Tory defector Christian Wakeford – who reportedly once branded Labour ‘a bunch of “c***s” – has been welcomed into the fold.

It was presented in a motion to party’s National Executive Committee this week. This move will be seen by many as Sir Keir’s attempt to draw a line beneath the Corbyn era.

Labour Left-wingers are this week poised to mount a challenge to Sir Keir Starmer's authority by bidding to restore the party whip to Jeremy Corbyn (pictured last week)

This week, Labour Left-wingers will challenge Sir Keir Starmer by bidding for the restoration of the party whip at Jeremy Corbyn. (Photo last week).

Sir Keir, who celebrated the resignation of Mr Wakeford last week, boasted that it demonstrated ‘Labour’s changed’ and it was now ‘my Labour party’.

The Labour Party Left is furious that the former leader of Labour was forced to remain as an independent politician more than a decade after being expelled from the party over a dispute about anti-semitism.

He won’t be permitted to run as Labour candidate for the next General Election.

In a motion to Labour’s NEC meeting, Ian Murray of Fire Brigades Union calls the ban “deeply divisive” and says it’s’moving us closer from the unity needed’ in order to face the Tories.

He claims that the October 2020 ban was also a disrespectful act towards voters in Mr Corbyn’s Islington North constituency, which he won for the first time in 1983.

According to Mr Murray, The Mail reported Sunday that “We just saw a Right-wing Tory MP become Labour.” He boasted however that he hasn’t changed any of his political views.

Only last week, Sir Keir (pictured last week) hailed Mr Wakeford's defection by boasting it showed 'Labour has changed' and how it was now 'my Labour party'

Sir Keir (pictured above last week) celebrated Mr Wakeford’s resignation by boasting about how it had ‘Labour changed’ and how it is now’my Labour Party’

Jeremy Corbyn (a Labour MP since 37 years) is still unjustly suspended. It is insulting to all Labour Party members.

Corbyn ally and ex-Labour party chairman Ian Lavery also said it was ‘astonishing… how an individual who has a visible anti-Labour track record, voted against free school meals for kids and called the Labour Party a bunch of c***s is accepted with open arms, and the former leader of the party, a man with an impeccable Labour history, remains an outcast without the whip.’

Richard Burgon of Leeds, a Leeds MP, was a member of Mr Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet. He tweeted, ‘You cannot say that the Labour Party should have a wide church and then not restore whip to the former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

One Corbyn supporter said that forcing Sir Keir to become an independent candidate in Islington North was a PR disaster for him at the next Election.

Labour Left-wingers claim that banning Corbyn from sitting as a Labour MP is 'unjustifiable' now that Tory defector Christian Wakeford (pictured on Thursday) has been welcomed

Labour Left-wingers argue that preventing Corbyn sitting as a Labour MP would be ‘unjustifiable’ given that Christian Wakeford, Tory defector (pictured on Thursday), has been welcome. 

Following accusations that antisemitism had been “dramatically exaggerated for political reasons”, Mr Corbyn was removed from the Labour whip.

Last night’s vote on the “restore the whip” motion was not put to a vote by the NEC. This is despite Corbyn’s allies claiming that Starmer’s supporters did not want to lose the motion.

Corbyn’s camp also suggested that withdrawing the motion could encourage a compromise which would permit him to rejoin the fold.

But last night, Sir Keir’s allies appeared in no mood to negotiate – insisting Corbyn was still refusing to give a proper apology for his remarks on antisemitism, but would regain the party whip if he did.

Labour spokeswoman said that Jeremy Corbyn has been told what he needs to do in order to make this happen. This hasn’t changed. It’s still in his control.

Bury MP, John Wakeford used four letters against Labour after the latter opposed Universal Credit cuts last year.

Corbyn was contacted for comments but did not reply.