Blind woman calls police to report that she has not heard from her husband in over a week. Deputies then discover that the man was missing and found dead in his bed, amid possible signs of break-in.

  • William Robert ‘Bob’ Lang Jr, 76, was found shot dead in his bed in Natchitoches, Louisiana, on Wednesday next to a broken window 
  • Lang’s wife called the sheriff and reported Lang as missing. Deputies were told that Lang had not contacted her in 27 hours. 
  • Lang was pronounced dead at the scene of a homicide. However, no suspects were arrested.  

Louisiana police say that an elderly man, aged 76 years old was shot to death in his Louisiana bed after his wife who is blind reported him missing. She said she had not heard from him for over a day. 

According to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office, the death of 76-year-old William Robert ‘Bob’ Lang Jr, 76, has been ruled a homicide, but no suspects have been arrested as of Friday.

Deputies responded to missing persons reports at Lang’s house in 100 Block of Levee Road on Wednesday around 6pm. 

William Robert 'Bob' Lang Jr, 76, was found shot dead in his bed at his home in Natchitoches, Louisiana, after his deaf wife reported him missing on Wednesday

After his wife, who was deaf, reported that he had gone missing Wednesday, William Robert Lang Jr., his father, was discovered shot to death in the bed of his Natchitoches home. 

Lang’s wife was visually impaired and told deputies she hadn’t heard from Lang since Tuesday at 3pm. According to a statement by the sheriff’s Office, this was unusual.  

After interviewing the wife, deputies noticed Lang’s cars parked at the property. 

The sheriff’s office stated that a responding deputy saw a damaged window on the property and sought permission to inspect it to find Mr. Lang. 

Lang was found with numerous gunshot wounds by officers as they entered Lang’s home. On the spot, Lang was declared deceased. 

Officials have not explained why the wife did not hear the gunshots or the sound of breaking glass, or how she failed to find her husband’s body in his bed for 27 hours.  

Following an autopsy, Lang’s cause of death has been ruled a homicide.

In 2010, Lang made an unsuccessful run for the US Senate

Lang ran unsuccessfully for the US Senate in 2010. 

Detectives interviewed family members and looked for surveillance footage in the surrounding area on Thursday. 

According to the sheriff’s office, “Our investigators work tirelessly to capture the person or persons involved in Mr. Lang’s murder,” “We offer our condolences to the Lang family.”

Posts on social media suggest Lang failed to run in the US Senate as a Conservative candidate in 2010.