Zarah, a Corbynista Labour MEP is required to apologize after she joined the “cops are assassins” protest

  • After photos were published, some party members vented their fury at the left-leaning MP
  • Her actions were in solidarity with protesters holding inflammatory banners against police
  • However, when Ms Sultana was challenged she insisted that she did not support those views.

After appearing at the protest where police were called ‘assassins” and activists demanded ‘no cops,’ a left-leaning Labour MP had to apologize last night.

After a photo of Zarah Sultana standing beside protesters with inflamatory anti-police signs was published, Labour members were furious.

Yesterday, however, The Mail challenged a staunch Jeremy Corbyn supporters. She responded that she did not support those views.

Elle also expressed regret at not having checked the signs that the protesters carried.

Zarah Sultana sparked fury from some Labour members after a photograph emerged of her standing alongside protesters bearing inflammatory anti-police banners

Some Labour MPs were furious at Zarah Sultana’s appearance alongside demonstrators with anti-police slogans.

After The Mail on Sunday challenged the staunch Jeremy Corbyn supporter yesterday, she said: 'I absolutely do not share those views'

Yesterday, after The Mail challenged a staunch Jeremy Corbyn fan yesterday, she stated that: ‘I absolutly do not agree with those views.

The Coventry South MP, who is 28 years old, has already been hailed by Labour’s left-leaning circles as being the best suited to assume the role of Mr Corbyn.

Her party was angry after she revealed that, on May 1, she had attended the Coventry rally where anti-police banners were being displayed.

The photograph shows her standing at the Broadgate of the city, within feet from a man with a sign declaring that “Police Are the Assassins.” Another carried a cardboard placard declaring ‘ACAB’ – which stands for ‘All Cops Are Bastards’.

The third one stated that there were no cops or killers and that they would not reclaim the block.

The Kill The Bill demonstration was organized against the Government’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which gives police in England and Wales greater power to enforce conditions on nonviolent protests. Labour is against it as it would remove peaceful protest rights ‘disproportionately, and unnecessarily.

However, sources claim that Ms Sultana was there to discredit Sir Keir Starmer’s efforts to restore Labour as a party based on law and order.

Insiders pointed out that Nick Thomas-Symonds, Shadow Home Secretary, tweeted yesterday ‘best regards’ to officers injured during anti-establishment protests Friday night.

Ms Sultana, who is an exemplary member of the Socialist Campaign Group (MPs that support Mr Corbyn), has been a leader. 

Labour looked into her social media postings in 2015. She claimed that she was going to celebrate the deaths Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Later, she apologised.

She said last night, “This was an active demonstration to defend our civil liberties hard-won. There were many people taking photos and I regretted not verifying the signs that people were holding.”