One of her four children was in her vehicle when she tried to jump start it.

Kerry Ann Bowers (29), was killed when she tried to fix the vehicle on top of a Camborne hill, Cornwall.

The car was stuck behind a speed bump, and high up on a hill. However, the sisters were able to get it moving after pushing hard.

Kerry stood between Kerry’s Ford Galaxy and its open door on her right-hand side. She was seated in front of her children.

An inquest found that the vehicle, weighing 4,100lbs, had been sitting high on the hilly road and it began rolling without any driver.

Kerry tried desperately and failed to leap into the car, but she was pulled more than 50 ft further down the road.

Moving at high speeds, the car finally managed to hit a curb and then slam into the hedgerow. The mother was trapped between the frame of the car door and her child.  

Kerry was later killed at the spot despite all the efforts of paramedics.

Kerry Ann Bowers was 29 years old when her and Georgia tried to start the car on a Camborne hill, Cornwall.

As Kerry (pictured above) desperately tried to jump into the runaway vehicle, she screamed for help and was dragged more than 50ft down the road

Kerry, (pictured above), desperately attempted to get into the vehicle but was stopped by her mother. She yelled for help as she was pulled more than 50 feet down the road.

Recording a conclusion of ‘accidental death’, senior coroner Andrew Cox described his own experience of Kerry’s ‘innocuous’ actions that led to her tragic death.

“It is difficult to see how something so simple can lead to such devastating consequences,” he said. It’s something that I’ve experienced many times.

Kerry, Georgia and their sister struggled on June 10, 2021 to get Kerry’s Ford Galaxy black started. 

Expert vehicle inspector Mark Richards explained that the vehicle’s ignition did not function due to an “intermittent wiring problem”. 

Georgia and Kerry were informed by their mother at 2 pm that they could bump start. The process involves pushing a vehicle while the clutch is engaged to rev the engine.  

The inquest heard how her sister Georgia had attempted to push the Ford Galaxy herself, but struggled to move the vehicle because its front wheels were tucked behind a speed bump in the Pengegon Estate in Camborne, Cornwall.

Kerry got out of her driver’s chair and helped to push the wheel with one hand. She stood between the car doors and the seat. 

Georgia stated that Kerry had been being pulled along by Kerry as the car accelerated on Truro’s pavement.

She stated, “Kerry was screaming at us to jump on her and climb into the chair.”

However, the car had already crashed into a 51-foot thick hedge and caught Kerry between the car and its frame.

Because the 4,100lb Ford Galaxy had been perched atop a hilly stretch of road at the time, it started rolling at speed without anyone behind the steering wheel, an inquest heard. Pictured: The scene of the crash in the Pengegon Estate, Cornwall on June 10, 2021

The 4,100lb Ford Galaxy was sitting high on top of a hilly section of road when it crashed. As a result, the vehicle began rolling without any driver, according to an inquest. Pictured: On June 10, 2021, the scene at Pengegon Estate in Cornwall was the site of the accident.

Georgia stated that she heard her saying “She couldn’t breath”. I replied, “She couldn’t breathe.” She was still talking with me before we got the children out of their car. 

“I waved down one car and asked the driver for help.

By calling 911, a passerby helped to stabilize the vehicle by using the handbrake on the front and placing a brick under it.

Despite his fast-thinking, Kerry of Connor Downs died from her injuries. She was cut through the bush by fire and rescue services. 

Karen Roberts (PC Karen), who knew Kerry through her previous relationship with her mother, was present at the scene along with Sarah Gough, 2.08 pm.

PC Roberts stated to the Inquest that this was “not an easy incident” because she knew Kerry.

“We were summoned to Pengegon for an incident at 2.08. We arrived there to find the Ford Galaxy stationary on the other side of Pengegon Hill.

“Already present were ambulances and fire fighters. They informed me that Kerry had passed away. This was a difficult incident as Kerry’s mother is my neighbor, and Kerry had grown up with me over the years.

The scene was managed by the crew when they arrived. The collision involved one vehicle on the road. 

Inquest heard there was no serious fault with the vehicle, but an intermittent wiring problem that affected the ignition. 

Andrew Cox, senior Cornwall Coroner, stated that Kerry could not get back in the vehicle after she had ridden on a road and was driven into a dense hedge.

He stated that Hedgerow had forced the driver’s doors to close and Kerry, who was trapped between the gaps and the door was asphyxiated. 

Kerry was remembered for her kindness and her smile.

Shamela Smith-Wills said that she was ‘absolutely devastated. Rest easy, beautiful girl. Many memories will be forever treasured.

Joanna Jones commented: “How horrible. All the way to school, was with childhood friends. Her family and dear kids are in my thoughts.

Kirsty Tonkin described Kerry, as “a beautiful girl” who would be willing to help anybody. Then she added that Kerry was gone, which she could not believe.

Kellie Bassett stated that she was terribly devastated for her family. Keep your eyes open, for you will never be forgotten.