David Cameron claimed Boris Johnson “has always been capable of getting away with things that mere mortals cannot”, in a subtle swipe at the Prime Minister.  

In another dig at Johnson, Mr Cameron said that he didn’t try to avoid important interviews.

They met first at Eton College, before they went to Oxford University. There, both were made members of Bullingdon Club, a male-only club that is known for lavish banquets.

Both were elected Conservative MPs in 2001. Mr Johnson was for Henley, and Mr Cameron was for Witney.

However, there was a brewing rivalry when Johnson supported Vote Leave during the 2016 Brexit referendum. This resulted in Mr Cameron being forced to resign as Prime Minister. 

Sky News’ Adam Boulton interviewed the former leader to discuss Feral Beasts – a new documentary about Britain’s changing relationship with media.

Cameron suggested Mr Johnson could have used his professional photographers to “bypass” the media.

He said, “Well Boris was always able to get away from things mere mortals cannot seem to do.”

Boris Johnson (left), then Mayor of London, with former Prime Minister David Cameron at the lighting of the Paralympic Cauldron in Trafalgar Square, central London, in 2012

Boris Johnson, then London Mayor, and David Cameron, former Prime Minister, at the Lighting of the Paralympic Cauldron, Trafalgar Square in central London in 2012

Mr Cameron was speaking to Sky News as part of new documentary Feral Beasts: Prime Ministers and the Media

Mr Cameron was speaking to Sky News as part of new documentary Feral Beasts: Prime Ministers and the Media

“But, you should not do that to avoid the media. You go on having… whether it is press conferences or interviews or media events – this is important.

“And that’s what I have done all my life. Although the press conferences weren’t very frequent, I was not afraid to attend the Today program and come on Mr Boulton’s All Out Politics.

“It meant that they were always open and eager to talk and answer any questions.

Cameron said, “The media has an incredibly significant role in this way.”

Instead of following the traditional tradition of independent broadcasters covering speeches, Johnson’s team recorded three minutes of a speech to the UK when it left the EU.

However, several news stations discarded the clip. 

A team from the house also captured and distributed Johnson’s message to the nation in which he confirmed that there would not be any more Covid restrictions in England after Christmas Day.

Last February, political journalists staged a walkout on Downing Street to protest attempts by Number 10 not to allow several news organizations access to a Government Brexit briefing.

Boris Johnson’s Europe adviser, David Frost refused to allow senior figures of the Daily Mail and Times, Sun, BBC, BBC, Sky, BBC, Sun, BBC, BBC, Sky, BBC, Sun, BBC, BBC, Sky, BBC, etc.

Although they were invited by civil servants to attend the non-political technical briefing, organisations such as the Mirror, Independent and PA Media had not.

Ministers were not interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Today morning show in the same month.

Answering a question about Cameron’s request to have a Downing Street official photographer refused but Johnson being able obtain an entire team of them, Johnson stated: “Well Boris has always been capable to get away from things that mere mortals are unable to.”

Mr Johnson and and Mr Cameron pictured together at a Conservative party election rally in Hendon, north London, in May 2015

Mr Johnson and and Mr Cameron pictured together at a Conservative party election rally in Hendon, north London, in May 2015

The pair's rivalry came to the fore when Mr Johnson (left) backed Vote Leave in the 2016 Brexit referendum - leading to Mr Cameron's resignation

When Mr Johnson (left), supported Vote Leave in 2016’s Brexit referendum, the pair became rivals. This led to Mr Cameron’s resignation.

Mr Cameron has claimed Mr Johnson 'has always been able to get away with things that mere mortals can't seem to' in a thinly-veiled swipe at the Prime Minister

In a short, thinly disguised swipe at the Prime Minister, Mr Cameron claimed that Mr Johnson “has always been capable of getting away with things mere mortals cannot seem to do”.

Mr Cameron spoke to Sky News' Adam Boulton for new documentary Feral Beasts, exploring the relationship between Britain and the media

Sky News’ Adam Boulton spoke with Mr Cameron to discuss the new documentary Feral Beasts. This explores Britain’s relationship with the media

He was asked by the media if a Prime minister should always be accessible to them.

“But I think you know that the important interviews – whether it be the BBC Sunday programme or Sky News’ Today program – are very important and I have never tried to ignore them.

“I feel there’s been an arms race. The spin doctors and special advisors have been a boon to politicians, while the media has given more aggressive interviews in an effort to capture that magical moment.

“I think that we can try to build a trusting relationship even though it may be distant and sometimes confrontational. However, we also need to understand your questions and take responsibility for explaining what we’re doing.

“And let’s try to find space so that those things can coexist.”

Sky News’ Feral Beasts will broadcast Thursday’s Prime Ministers and Media at 9pm on Sky News. 

This interview follows a hard December for Johnson, in which he took responsibility for losing Tory stronghold North Shropshire under the Lib Dems. 101 Tory MPs voted against Covid certificates being introduced for large nightclubs in England. 

Last week, Mr Johnson received instructions to bring his government back on track in six months after the North Shropshire election loss.

In one of the biggest by-election swings in history, the Lib Dems overturned a Tory majority in the North Shropshire constituency of almost 23,000 – and won by 5,925 votes.

Sir John Curtice described Helen Morgan’s victory as a “political earthquake” that measured ‘8.5/10’ on the Richter scale.

This turnaround led to bitter recriminations yesterday and new questions about Prime Minister’s authority. Tory MPs told him to urgently “get a hold” of the No10 operation.