As a way to end the pub’s existence, a landlord launched an infuriating rant at his staff.

The posts, believed to be written by owner Rami Bekhit from Rose Cottage Restaurant in Redruth, Cornwall, allege one worker was a ‘depressed scammer’.

One was called a “fat, stupid and selfish thief” and another as a “dishonest crack addict”, but he described himself as an “fearless and adventurous trailblazer”.

Under the title ‘Whatever Happened To?’, the 1,300-word rant was uploaded to the pub’s web site. The 1,300-wrod rant was posted on the pub’s website under the headline ‘Whatever Happened To?’

It also blasted Redruth, branding it ‘a big sh**hole’ and giving it the moniker ‘Deadruth’.

The posts, believed to be written by owner Rami Bekhit (pictured) from Rose Cottage Restaurant in Redruth, Cornwall, branded one a 'depressed scammer'

Rami (pictured), the owner of Rose Cottage Restaurant in Redruth Cornwall was believed to have written them.

On the chef, who was said to be on £17 per hour, the post says: ‘Lazy, depressed scammer on prozac. Can’t cook any hot food without one day notice.

“Complained when more customers ordered. On multiple occasions, I was unable to follow the visual breakfast process.

“Would you change the order? Then have over-cooked eggs, burned toast and burnt hands. Mental illness can lead to incompetence. Dishonest, incompetent but kept the kitchen clean.

“First Sunday” [he]After the initial five covers, he had an epileptic fit. Seven more came in under 30 minutes.

“Claimed that he had agreed to never cook more than five meals, following a retainer for five builders.

The proprietor then took the customer around the restaurant, showing him all the covers.

“Second Sunday” [he]The fridge was turned off in the morning. He then stated that Sunday roast could not be done because the refrigerator had suffered a power outage for 14 days.

Then, it added:[He]He repeatedly failed to honor more than 505 contractual obligations and was fired. An ineffective loser and waster.

The post hailed the owner as a 'fearless, adventurous trail blazer' who was 'too trusting' in a 'town stricken & driven by poverty full of outlaw gypsies'

The post hailed the owner as a ‘fearless, adventurous trail blazer’ who was ‘too trusting’ in a ‘town stricken & driven by poverty full of outlaw gypsies’

Another chef on £12 per hour got similar treatment, with the article saying: ‘Too fat, too stupid, too selfish, [he] was a liar & thief when applying for and attempting to work the head chef job.

‘Fell out & abused all staff in turn without himself knowing why. He even abused his brother.

He spent his time trying the read business password password. The ‘innocence presumption that he was innocent and his cooking had all but dried up when he wanted to borrow the calculator from the bank for his own home. A stupid thief, like a father.

“His father stole more from the military than he did time. Following in the footsteps of his father, his brother liked to rob sheds at neighbours because they were less secure.

Repeatedly disregarding instructions. Hopeless chef, cook, or KP. Your face will be as sweet as a pie.

Ignorant/unable to read the recipes. Could not perform this job. Previously employed live-in at a golf course kitchen & bar, [he] twice faked a burglary claiming the thieves threw chairs at him: he plundered the goof & booze for a party but got sacked when he repeated the scam.’

The second, who was also allegedly receiving the same amount of money, was called “Way Too stupid.” A school retard. A school retard who would cook food that isn’t cooked properly.

“Repeatedly worked in the early hours of the week, and mate was too exhausted on busy WED/THU/FRI/SAT/SUN nights. Five warnings later, I was fired.

A young recruit was described as ‘Could prepare but only, focused on sex, and never had to clean the kitchen.

One man on £9.50 per house was named as an ‘illiterate, lazy, dishonest’ employee who ‘used everyone else to run his life’.

The sign said that it had destroyed 3 trailers catering to the event. Tossed away all crockery and didn’t wash it. His dogs were more dumber than Dumber. Other people were hoodwinked to help them survive.

“Never assumed responsibility, always passing through. All video games were played with just one thumb.

Nicknamed “The Cabbage” by school, because it is such a veggie. [he]Because he believed he was being liked, a nickname that meant something to him was kept.

He preferred to wash the pans and other tools in the sink, but he would throw them into the garbage. He would disappear from his kitchen and start flirting with waitresses.

We had to turn away customers and return their orders. [He]Your business will be destroyed. Get fired.

The post on the restaurant's (pictured) website also blasted Redruth, branding it 'a big sh**hole' and giving it the moniker 'Deadruth'

The post on the restaurant’s (pictured) website also blasted Redruth, branding it ‘a big sh**hole’ and giving it the moniker ‘Deadruth’

A bar maid was accused of being a thief and giving away drinks worth up to £3,000 to her friends on Saturday nights.

According to the article, an alcoholic is someone who has never been able to make it Monday morning. Always late to arrive, always early to leave, and often no shows.

Poor customer engagement was the only one that used the bar for her friends to get freebies. NB Videos held.’

Another ex-worker was also slammed in the message, being called a “dishonest crack addict”.

It said: “An interesting psychological observation was that by coming on to everyone, male and female, you can make friends even without any other incentives.”

“[She] stole everything that wasn’t twice bolted down; gave away drinks & food to mates. Reliably dishonest, lazy & angry. Videos held.’

Since its purchase by Mr Bekhit, the Rose Cottage Restaurant had an uneasy relationship with former employees and locals since 2015.

Because he has the sole positive feedback in this post, locals think it was his creation.

After a string of posters claimed that the pub would host gigs from Boy George, The B52s, Joan Jett, and the Sex Pistols in 2018, the pub was closed.

The company also published a job advertisement last year that locals deemed offensive.

If you’re a friend of someone who is SUITABLE, then please share your thoughts with them. Otherwise feel free to make a pr** of yourself because you are.’

She added that “Any city is what its citizens make it” and that the post was therefore a waste.

It reopened in December 2018, this time led by Mr Bekhit’s son, Mike, before closing again in April 2019 – with it being up for sale ever since.

The post hailed the owner as a ‘fearless, adventurous trail blazer’ who was ‘too trusting’ in a ‘town stricken & driven by poverty full of outlaw gypsies’.

It said: ‘Fearless, adventurous trail blazer but absolutely hopelessly too trusting in a town stricken & driven by poverty full of outlaw gypsies on housing/mental illness/PTSD/ex-offender benefits.

“The wealthy emmit population “would only” [sic]Deadruth: This is a great place for consulting research on DWP reform.

Although Ofsted-winning schools make up half of active populations, they are half illiterate. Everybody seems’related’ while there is no red river fish.

Old families keep their diminishing inheritance and reject anyone who succeeds. You should never fire staff in the hopes that they will become more valuable employees. But, Redruth has a very dire staffing situation.

Then it said: “Significant was that the prior ‘pub” was a low-life provider of drugs on credit.

‘This article is not about the voiceless good people (who, of course, would never be staff in nor visit) the Redruth area but about the DWP supported powerless people who do nothing’ who complained when their drugs outlet had risen as a posh restaurant & who never want to see anyone achieve anything that might highlight their uselessness: a new sub-species, evolution outstripped.

‘The proprietor raised funding for a fun gravity tram to ride up/down Fore Street to create a second reason to visit Redruth which was suppressed by the town council in bed with the self-serving chamber of commerce fiasco & backward-looking peer businesses- the same ‘people’ who rejected M&S, Wetherspoons as competition to the powerless rather than gateways to the empowered: regeneration of Redruth, relying upon these people, will take a further 157 years.

‘A big sh** hole town of job candidates, here, rightly berated & ridiculed to help advise other businesses.’

Post also criticised the surrounding area calling it ‘Deadruth’ and declaring that the pub was there ‘100 year too soon.

The proprietor wanted to offer a high-quality dining experience in a low price to the poorest town of the least deprived county, England. He also desired top-quartile salaries. Redruth’s Rose: Too soon 100 years ago.

‘Success brought jealous peer businesses who spread malicious gossip thereby keeping Redruth what it is today: DWP housing for lazy single males, ex-offenders using easy welfare payouts for drugs & alcohol making the region a sponge for loser degenerates.

“A place where the bully at school or the gypsies are the gossip roost.” To much crime is unchecked.

One victim of the outburst claimed she was left crying by the posts.

It’s terrible, she said. After staying up late, I feel as though I cannot walk and not be asked any questions.

“I have never done anything wrong.” Always took on extra work. It was a place where I worked hard.

Some former employees suggested they would take legal action, particularly since many haven’t worked there for more than six years.

Although the pub owners declined to answer any questions, they released a statement in which they defended their post by saying that it showed ‘truthful facts’.