Emmerdale and Coronation Street BAN cast members of OnlyFans after Hollyoaks fired Sarah Jayne Dunn, who was 18+.

Coronation Street and Emmerdale stars have reportedly banned cast members from joining OnlyFans.

According to reports, ITV bosses are enforcing new rules which will enable their stars to make a fortune but won’t tolerate any advertising that promotes ‘adult entertainment’ that could cause the channel’s disrepute.

It comes after Sarah Jayne Dunn was sacked from her £120k a year job on Hollyoaks last week for refusing to leave the x-rated OnlyFans.   

BANNED! Coronation Street and Emmerdale stars have reportedly banned cast members from joining OnlyFans (Pictured on Instagram: Former Corrie star Helen Flanagan)


It has been reported that Emmerdale and Corrie have made it clear in black and white, what is acceptable and unacceptable.  

According to The Sun the ITV soaps informed its stars which shows they could star in and what they were allowed to promote and sell online, so it didn’t look bad for the channel. 

This will allow cast members, but only with their blessings, to put paid advertisements to keep them from leaving shows just because they earn more online. 

The publication received information from a source that said: “Stars like Helen Flanagan, a former Corrie actor are being bombarded with opportunities to promote products through platforms such as Instagram. 

Rules: It's claimed that ITV has issued rules that will allow stars to cash in on their fame, but will not tolerate 'adult entertainment' (Pictured on Instagram: Corrie's Samia Longchambon)

Rules: According to ITV, ITV issued rules that allow celebrities to make a fortune but won’t tolerate any ‘adult entertainment. (Image: Corrie’s Samia Longchambon on Instagram)

Unapologetic: It comes after Sarah Jayne Dunn was sacked from her £120k a year job on Hollyoaks last week for refusing to leave the x-rated OnlyFans

Unapologetic: It comes after Sarah Jayne Dunn was sacked from her £120k a year job on Hollyoaks last week for refusing to leave the x-rated OnlyFans

“And earnings often surpass any salaries actors receive on soaps. This means it is more profitable to leave soaps to sell products.

“This is just a clever way for them to advertise their products on shows while still being there.

“But they write in black and clear what is unacceptable, as it used to be a grey area.

Other prohibited goods include alcohol, tobacco, vaping and fireworks as well as financial products. 

Acceptable: With plenty of big TV names earning a fortune on social media, it's reported that Corrie and Emmerdale have now spelled out 'in black and white what's deemed unacceptable' (Pictured on Instagram: Emmerdale's Fiona Wade)

Acceptable: Given the wealth of TV personalities who have made a lot on social media, Corrie and Emmerdale are now said to be stating in black and white what is unacceptable. (Image: Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade).

Protecting the brand: It's claimed the ITV soaps have informed stars what they can flog and promote online so that it doesn't reflect badly on the channel (Pictured on Instagram: Corrie star Sair Khan)

Brand protection: ITV has claimed that stars were told by the soaps what to promote and sell online, so it does not reflect negatively on the channel.

ITV have, reportedly, just published the rules. The review will take place in three months.  

MailOnline reached Emmerdale, Coronation Street and requested their comments.  

The news comes one week after Sarah Jayne Dunn was dismissed from Hollyoaks for a row with OnlyFans.  

The actress – who reportedly earned a whopping £7,200 in just a week after joining the X-rated subscription service – will no longer appear on the show as character Mandy Richardson after discussions with producers.

Confident: Last month Sarah Jayne Dunn explained her decision to join OnlyFans was in a bid to 'take back control' after years of doing lads mags

Convinced: Sarah Jayne Dunn, who joined OnlyFans last month to “take back control” after many years of writing lads mags. 

Channel 4 spokesperson said they take their responsibility for their young viewers very seriously and are’very sorry to see her go. 

Sarah played Mandy since 1996.  

Sarah explained last month that she joined the popular website, which is also beloved by Kerry Katona (Lottie Moss) in an attempt to regain control after years of working for lads magazines.  

A Hollyoaks spokesperson stated that Hollyoaks was a drama for youth with many viewers who closely follow the cast, inside and out. 

Hollyoaks is very serious about their responsibility towards our younger audience and does not permit cast members of Hollyoaks to post on websites for 18+. 

We hoped to reach an agreement with Sarah, which would permit her to stay in Mandy’s role. However, we are grateful for her decision to produce content for OnlyFans.

“In the last four years, her legacy role has been an integral component of many our most important storieslines. It will be a very difficult decision to let her go.

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