Coronation Street star Johnny Briggs ‘cut his drug addict daughter out of his £550,000 will with his fortune going to his other five children’

  • After a long battle with illness, Johnny Briggs, 85 died in his home in February. 
  • His daughter, Karen Briggs, 55, has been left out of his £550,000 will 
  • The soap legend played Mike Baldwin on Coronation Street for over 30 years 

Coronation Street legend Johnny Briggs cut his drug addict daughter out of his £550,000 will it has been revealed.

Johnny, 85 years old, died in February after playing the role of Mike Baldwin, a cockney businessman.

The actor earned £200,000 a year on the show before leaving Weatherfield in 2006.

His UK fortune and US assets, including a Florida home, were left to five of his six grandchildren.

The Sun has revealed that Karen Briggs, the soap star, deliberately excluded Karen from his will, after he divorced her in 1980.

After Karen, 55 allegedly gave her 14 year-old daughter Class B drugs, the relationship ended.

Johnny Briggs, who played Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street from 1976 to 2006, left his eldest daughter out of his will

Johnny Briggs was the actor who played Mike Baldwin on Coronation Street 1976-2006. He left his eldest child out of his will

Karen Briggs, 55, has blamed her heroin addiction on her late father's infidelities

Karen Briggs (55) blames her heroin addiction upon her late father’s infidelities

The father/daughter relationship broke down after Karen (right), 55, allegedly gave her own 14-year-old daughter, Emma Beach, (left) Class A drugs

After Karen (right), 55, allegedly gave Emma Beach (left), Class A drugs, the father/daughter relationship fell apart.

Emma Beach (pictured) was jailed with her mother in 2016 for stealing bikes to pay for drugs

Emma Beach (pictured with her mother) was sent to prison in 2016 after she stole bikes to pay for drugs.

His estate was reportedly split equally between his five other children — Jennifer Davies, 43, Michael Briggs, 41, Stephanie Briggs, 39, Anthony Briggs, and Mark Briggs, 58.

In 2016, Karen Briggs and Johnny’s granddaughter Emma Beach made headlines after they were jailed for stealing bikes in support of their drug addictions. 

Johnny, much like his character onscreen, was a Lothario. He had two divorces and a lot of affairs during his long, storied career.

Karen used to blame her heroin addiction on her father’s infidelities.

She was Johnny’s second child, having been married to Caroline Sinclair.

His family issued a statement following his passing saying: “It’s with great sadness that I announce the death of our father Johnny Briggs.  

“He died peacefully this morning, after a long battle with cancer. His family was by his side. He was 85.

Johnny Briggs, pictured here as Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street, played the underwear factory boss from 1976 to 2006 and received an MBE in 2007

Johnny Briggs, seen here as Mike Baldwin on Coronation Street, was the boss of the underwear factory from 1976 to 2006. He received an MBE in 2007.

‘We politely request privacy at this moment, so we can quietly grieve together as a loved one and recall the wonderful times that we had with him. We are grateful.  

From 1976 to 2006, he played the role of Mike Baldwin, an underwear factory boss, on Coronation Street. In 2007, he was awarded an MBE.

He was part of 2,349 episodes, one as a ghost. His most famous feud with Ken Barlow (Bill Roache), came after he had an affair, with Deirdre (late Anne Kirkbride).  

The love triangle that entailed the three of them was immensely popular with viewers and was continued for years.

The storyline attracted 21 million viewers in the 1980s.