Corbyn left me penniless: Tory councillor and tweeter of fake picture of former Labour leader at wreath site for Poppy Day terrorist attack said he is now in a ‘challenging economic situation’ following his agreement to pay an undisclosed amount

  • Paul Nickerson, Yorkshire Conservative councillor tweeted the faked photo of Jeremy Corbyn laying a Remembrance ribbon at a taxi burning in Liverpool 
  • Nickerson has apologized to the Labour leader and paid an undisclosed sum
  • Following the payout, he claimed he is now in a “challenging financial condition”.  

Conservative Councillor says he is now in a ‘challenging economic situation’ due to having to pay Jeremy Corbyn an undisclosed amount for posting a doctored photo of him online. 

Paul Nickerson (Councillor) shared the fake picture of Paul Nickerson as laying a Remembrance ribbon by the taxi bombed outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital. 

It was tweeted the day Emad al Swealmeen had detonated an explosive device at the back of a taxi in front Liverpool Women’s Hospital shortly before 11 AM on November 14.

Mr Nickerson, a councillor on East Riding of Yorkshire Council, apologised and paid a substantial sum in damages and legal costs to Mr Corbyn. For legal reasons, the sum has not been disclosed. 

It appeared on the profile of Paul Nickerson (pictured) from East Riding, Yorkshire, just the day after a bomber detonated a device while sat in a taxi outside the Liverpool Women's Hospital

The profile of Paul Nickerson, East Riding, Yorkshire (pictured), featured the device just one day after a bomber detonated an explosive while Nickerson was sitting in a taxi near the Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

The post was later deleted by him, who apologized publicly for the false impression that the Islington North MP had supported terrorist violence. 

He said, “I unreservedly apologise for Mr Corbyn’s distress and hurt caused by this tweet.” 

“I accept completely that the post of this message on the Sunday after Remembrance Sunday has aggravated and exacerbated the offensive nature of the defamatory Tweet.”

Corbyn claimed that the tweet was ‘disservice to all victims of the attack and their loved ones’. He also stated that he will use the settlement for charities close to him. 

Many people have shared the image on the internet, in spite of the settlement.  

According to the councillor who left the Conservative party group in order to be an independent representative, he claims the Corbyn payout has left him penniless. 

He briefly launched a GoFundMe page to raise funds for his legal fees, but raised just £30 before deciding to take the page down. He has now created a separate page to raise £10,000 for charity through various events in his ward. 

Mr Nickerson (pictured) has apologised to the Islington North MP to apologise for the tweet, which he claimed was sent after his account was compromised

Pictured: Mr Corbyn

While Mr Nickerson (left), said that his tweet was false and defamatory. The Islington North MP, however (right), said that any damage he may receive will go towards causes dear to his heart.

Beverly Labour and Holderness Labour demanded his resignation. However, Councillor David Nolan, Liberal Democrat leader has said that he will accept an apology from the Liberal Democrats and should pay the damages. 

Denis Healy is the council’s deputy chief and believes Nickerson should quit to make way for new leadership.   

However, Nickerson said that he would remain a councillor because he is able to do case work for residents and see things through.      

Jonathan Owen (leader of the Conservative group in East Riding Council) stated last week that inappropriate comments would not be tolerated.

Owen stated that Owen had suspended Paul Nickerson from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Conservative Group with immediate effect. An investigation will take place.

The incident was described by Mr Nickerson as “a brief, sharp shock.”

He told The Mirror that this has put him in a difficult financial situation. It’s been a brief, acute shock as you realize the serious implications of things I hadn’t realized before.   

“Try to be as kind and caring as you can in your words and deeds. I usually try to do this but failed. 

MailOnline heard from him: “I’m wiser because of the experience. I’m working hard in my Ward at the moment, and this is behind me.