The wedding day of a newlywed couple was nearly ruined when a series of mishaps occurred, including the loss or damage to their ring fingers and Covid lockdowns. Also, the whole bridal party got stuck in an elevator on the way from the reception.   

Both Fabian Ring and Amy Ring from Queensland, both 30 years old, said that the stories were their wedding highlights. However they admit to feeling extremely emotional at the time.

FEMAIL spoke with Amy about the time Perth was placed in a lockdown for three days, one week prior to her May 1st wedding.

Amy and Fabian Ring, both 30, from Queensland were married in a fairytale ceremony but a string of disasters meant they were lucky to have their big day at all

Amy Ring (30 and Fabian Ring 30) from Queensland got married in a fairy tale ceremony. However, a string of catastrophes made it difficult for them to get their big day.

Arriving to the ceremony in a chopper was the icing on the cake for the groom who thought the rain might ruin the adventure

For the groom, arriving in a helicopter for the ceremony was the cherry on top. He didn’t think the rain could ruin it.

The couple also revealed how Covid lockdowns meant many of the bridesmaids were in danger of missing the wedding

Covid lockdowns had put many of the bridesmaids in danger of missing their wedding, according to the couple.

Amy’s grandmother and most of her bridesmaids were from Perth, her hometown. 

She stated that she believed Melbourne’s guests would be the most likely to be locked up, as NSW had already declared against it and WA didn’t need to.

Fabian stated that Amy was usually calm, but could clearly see Amy’s anxiety when he made the shocking announcement. 

He said that Amy’s key people had been in Perth so they spent the days mourning and trying out ways to do another wedding.

They described the lockdown as one in a series of catastrophes over the next two weeks. 

The couple came to an agreement with the lockdown and decided to have a glass of red wine together, as well as a dance around the living room to try to find their ‘feeling’.

Amy's dad Wayne, pictured at the wedding, had a stroke on the second day of their honeymoon - forcing them to come home early. He made a full recovery

Amy’s dad Wayne was pictured with Amy at the wedding. He suffered a stroke during their second-day honeymoon and had to be rushed home. His full recovery was possible.

The couple are pinching themselves that they were able to get married exactly as planned and understand if their wedding was a weekend either side it wouldn't have happened

Both the couple and their guests are amazed that everything went according to plan.

Amy was devastated when Perth went into a snap lockdown the week before her wedding - because her grandmother lives there and is a huge part of her life

Amy was heartbroken when Perth put herself in a lockdown just a week before the wedding. Her grandmother is there, and it’s a big part of Amy’s life.

Amy exclaimed, “I caught my finger nail on a couch and everything was torn off of the bed.”

And it wasn’t just ‘any nail’ it was the nail on the bride-to-be’s ring finger.

She laughed, “I could not believe it. I was curious what type of voodoo that all was.”

Fabian is a doctor and had some surgical glue. He was able attach the nail again, as well as binding it with surgical adhesive.

He was quick to fix the problem and it lasted for the entire day, before being removed permanently.  

The couple laugh at the disasters now but admit they were feeling the stress at the time

While the couple laugh at their misfortunes now, they admit that they were experiencing stress at the time.

Amy felt like she had been cursed when the nail on her ring finger tore off after being caught on a couch days before the wedding

Amy was so upset that her finger on the ring fell off because it had fallen on the couch days prior to the wedding, she felt cursed.

Amy remembered, “On my wedding day it started getting very itchy.”

“When the ring came off, I felt relieved. But people continued to ask for my wedding rings. All I could remember was how horrible my finger looked.

The Perth lockdown was lifted just two days prior to wedding. It sent waves of relief throughout the country, all the way from Australia to South-east Queensland.

“I was refreshing their advice hoping they would be willing to help me.” “I was in the salon and I just started to weep,” she stated.

The groomsmen and bridesmaids all got stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes after ignoring capacity limits on the way to the reception

All the bridesmaids and groomsmen got stuck in the elevator 30 minutes after they ignored the limits of the elevator’s capacity on the way to reception

Although the wedding was saved by God, it was not enough to prepare for what lay ahead.

On the morning of the big event, heavy rain fell and threatened their plans for arriving by helicopter at their ceremony.

They said that the weather had cleared within half an hour and they were able to proceed.

The Valley Estate in Currumbin gave them the helicopter ride as a token of appreciation after they had agreed to host their wedding there.

The couple laughed when they heard that “we said yes” after visiting a paddock.

“But, it turned out to be one of the most beautiful venues neither of us had ever seen.” 

Everything went smoothly at the ceremony.

The bridal party made a decision to disregard the signage on the elevator, and they all got in together when it came time for the wedding reception.

Fabian explained that “the doors closed and refused to open, thus they were left on the ground floor.”

Wedding pictures show a carefree couple, dreamlike ceremony and happy group of loved ones

Images of weddings depict a happy couple with a romantic ceremony, and their loved ones.

Adding to the stress Fabian is a doctor which means he could have been plunged into isolation at anytime whilst planning the wedding

Fabian is also a doctor, which adds to the stress. He could easily become isolated while planning the wedding.

“I was informed about it, but tried to distract Amy. We had taken the stairs and we were mixing with guests at that point.

While the bride and groom stayed in the elevator for a good half hour, the other members of the party had some alcohol to help them get through the experience.

They were on their honeymoon in Tasmania when the disasters struck.

Amy was on her way to a dinner that would be a highlight of their vacation when she received an awful phone call from Amy.

Wayne, a fit and active 62 year-old man, had suffered a stroke while free diving off Heron Island.

Fabian recalls that Fabian came to the rescue of Fabian when he noticed a fish in his area. His mate who was a doctor saw his expression and immediately got him back on board.

Amy's dad Wayne recovered fully from the stroke he had - and walked himself out of hospital two days after

Wayne, Amy’s father, was fully recovered from his stroke and was able to walk out of the hospital just two days later. 

The couple are looking free to a future plagued with a few less disasters

Both are optimistic about a bright future without any more disasters

“He suffered a major stroke, so we flew in as quickly as possible to be there for him. Some days later, he was discharged from hospital without any ill effects. This is an amazing recovery.

After their honeymoon, the couple returned to Tasmania. They now cherish this time of chaos.

Surprise, they managed to marry.

They stated that a weekend without the right side of nature wouldn’t have been possible, which was in fact perfect.

The couple hopes to have a child soon, and they are working hard to avoid any further disasters.