Couple finds secret room at the back their kitchen CUPBOARD – Pair spots hole under sink and uncovers hidden space big enough to build bathroom.

  • After moving into their new home, a couple discovered a secret space in their kitchen cupboard.
  • A woman, whose exact location is unknown, shared photos of the small, hidden room on Facebook
  • Only a small hole at back of the kitchen cupboard can access the secret room.
  • Social media users were not sure what the room’s purpose was due to its size.


A couple was stunned to find a secret room large enough to build a bathroom in their kitchen cupboard.

A woman, whose identity and location are unknown, posted on Facebook that she and her partner had found the room in a corner of a kitchen cupboard after moving in to their new home.

Photographs shared on Facebook show that crawling through the hole in the wall at the back of the cupboard is the only way to get into the mystery room.

After passing through the small entrance, the hidden room is revealed. It is large enough to stand in.

The room boasts a large window and it is sThe Sun reported that the site was littered with rubble, wires, and an appliance case.

A woman took to Facebook to claim that she and her partner found the room tucked away in the corner of a kitchen cupboard after moving into their new home

After moving into her new home, a woman posted on Facebook that she found the room in the corner of a cupboard in her kitchen.

Social media users are baffled by the room’s size and the fact that it cannot be accessed from a cupboard, leaving them wondering what it could possibly be used for. 

The woman quipped that she was going hide something in the room for the next tenant to discover after making the strange discovery. 

Writing on the private Facebook group Things Found In Walls – And Other Hidden Findings, she said: ‘Just rented a flat with my boyfriend and found a room inside our kitchen cupboard.’

“Definitely going to leave something odd in it for our next tenants when we move on.”

Some social media users suggested that she use the space for a break with her partner. Others joked that she would use it to escape their children.

Another person suggested that the room could be large enough to build a toilet, despite the small entrance. 

The only way to enter the mystery room is through a makeshift passage and a hole-in-the-wall at the back of the cupboard, photographs shared to Facebook showed

Photographs shared to Facebook showed that there is only one way to get into the mystery room: through a makeshift tunnel and through the back of the cupboard.

One mother quipped: ‘I would turn it into a hideout to study or hide and eat my kids’ fave snacks so I wouldn’t have to share with my kids.’

Another commented, “I would totally turn that into a cozy little hiding spot.” Husband getting on your nerves Run to the hiding place.

This is not the first time a house with an ordinary exterior has attracted attention because it contains a hidden room.

Last month, a couple discovered an undiscovered room behind a wall as they were decorating their dining area. They converted it into a bar.

Sarah King, 32, and Toby King, 35, decided to paint their Brighton home a fresh coat of paint after they saw a faint outline for a doorway.

Sarah said: ‘We were prepping and sanding the walls of the dining room, ready to paint. We removed some lining paper, sanded, and saw a faint outline of a doorway.

After going through the small entryway, the room is big enough to stand up in and boasts a large window, while it is s trewn with rubble, wires and an appliance box

After passing through the small entrance, the room is large enough to stand in. It also boasts a large window and is strewn with wires, rubble, and an appliance box.

“Once we had seen it, we knew that we needed to know.”

Sarah was still furloughed and Toby was working as a technical support engineer. This gave her some time to unravel the mystery.

She explained: ‘As I uncovered the lintel, I realised that it was not resting on the breeze blocks that were blocking the door. They were not supporting anything above. 

She chipped through the wall and realized there was an opening, but she held back until Toby arrived home to finish it.

Sarah said: ‘I waited until Toby was home to make the final hit to smash down the breeze blocks – in case something was staring back at me!

“It was small with a pull-out shelf/desk and some knee pads. There was also a car battery.

“It had electricity to its power and, believe it or not. There were thankfully no spiders and very few cobwebs.

The couple found the perfect room and decided to make a bar area out of it. It is located right next to their dining room.