The Christmas celebrations will not be attended by a woman who has left her little girl with 60 or more broken bones.

Naomi Johnson (23), and Benjamin O’Shea (26) a former Army reservist, were both arrested following the death of Amina Johnson (8 weeks) on 26/04/2019.

Paramedics arrived on the scene in minutes and tried to save the baby’s life but despite their best efforts, she died at the scene in Southwark, central London. 

Naomi Johnson, pictured, had previously been granted bail because of a health issue but the judge ordered she be remanded in custody before her sentence is passed

Naomi Johnson, shown here, was granted bail previously due to a health concern, but the judge ordered her to be placed in custody prior she is sentenced.

Johnson and O’Shea appear in Inner London Crown Court today. However, Judge Nigel Peters QC adjourned this case to 28 January 2022.

Although the mother was previously granted bail due to a medical issue, the judge ordered that she be placed in custody until her sentence is handed down.

Judge Peters declared that the case was one of the most serious.

He replied, “It wasn’t the eye operation that made me grant a concession.

“This case is of extreme seriousness, and it will require significant custody time for both of the defendants.

“I am afraid that she will also be held in custody with him.”

Johnson and O'Shea (above) later claimed Amina's death was the result of the earlier visit to the GP and the fractures had been caused by the paramedics

Johnson (above) and O’Shea later claimed Amina died as a result of a visit to the GP earlier and that fractures had occurred due to paramedics

Johnson wore a grey-checked two-piece suit with an eye patch and a gray checked jacket, while O’Shea wore a prison tracksuit in green.

They spoke to each other only in order to verify their identities.

Tyrone Smith wanted Johnson to benefit from the mitigation findings of separate Family Court proceedings to suggest that Johnson be given less time in prison than O’Shea, on the ground that Johnson was the only perpetrator of actual violence.

It was made public and anonymous by the High Court, which means that it is not available for use in criminal proceedings.

Judge Peters stated to the court that he wrote the High Court judge and that they believe the Family Court verdict needs amending.

He stated, “We all know High Court Orders with Punishment of Contempt of Court can get us all in trouble.”

I am not willing to commence the sentence hearing with that outstanding issue.

Ed Vickers (QC) for O’Shea: ‘Findings made by Family Court judges have absolutely zero bearing on Your Honor.

‘He [Mr Smith]Can mitigate on any matter he wishes; Your Honour will have to take that out of your head.

Judge Peters stated, “I cannot handle it today because of what has happened at the High Court,”

He raised another issue: how O’Shea and both parents behaved following the death of baby Amina.

Judge Peters stated, “Although it is not a statute aggravating feature, I don’t see why I can’t take into consideration the conduct of defendants who are seeking to divert attention from themselves,”

Both her parents and paramedics blamed her death for her inoculation.

Although initially thought that her death would be caused by Sudden Unexplained Death, the post-mortem showed that there were a number of injuries.

Amina had over 60 broken bones. There were 41 fractures in her ribs and 24 fractures of the limbs.

Judge: “I declare it clear that the conduct by the defendants but most notably the first defendant in impersonating another person, trying to blame others…that should be looked into,” he said.

These obtuse couple repeatedly lie about Amina’s death, and they even blame paramedics.

O’Shea first told paramedics that Amina had been to her GP the day prior and she was fine when she returned home.

Johnson gave Amina paracetamol to calm her down before she fell asleep again the next day.

O’Shea told paramedics, too, that Amina was settled and he then put her back in bed. However, when Johnson checked on Amina about 20 minutes later, she wasn’t responding. Johnson was able to wake Johnson up and call 999.

O’Shea later told hospital staff that Amina had been given paracetamol just before going to bed, and that Amina had awakened at 1am.

O’Shea took Amina to the front room to calm her down and Johnson fed her. Johnson gave Amina another meal, and she was awakened again.

Johnson then placed his ear against her chest. Johnson heard a weak heartbeat but no breathing, so he called 911 and began CPR.

Johnson and O'Shea appeared in Inner London Crown Court today for their sentencing, but Judge Nigel Peters, QC, adjourned the case until 28 January 2022 (file photo of Inner London Crown Court)

Johnson and O’Shea were present at Inner London Crown Court today to be sentenced. However, Judge Nigel Peters (QC) adjourned proceedings until January 20, 2022.

Amina died without any visible signs of injury. A regular post-mortem was held and the radiological exam was performed. The first fractures were then discovered.

The multiple fractures that radiologists identified as evidence of Amina’s ongoing physical abuse were very clear to them.

These findings led to a post-mortem, which was not able to determine the cause of death.

Johnson and O’Shea were however arrested following a police investigation.

Johnson and O’Shea both later stated that Amina’s sudden death was due to her earlier visit with the GP, and that fractures were the work of paramedics.

After a trial lasting four weeks, Johnson of Octavia Street and Battersea was convicted. O’Shea of Dominion Drive in Southwark was convicted for causing or allowing a child serious bodily harm related to Amina.

The jury also found them guilty of cruelty to another child.