The ‘intuitive healing’ woman has spoken out about how her and her life coach husband recorded their sex sessions for a new podcast.

Flynn Talbot and Lacey Haynes (37-years-old) live in Sussex. The couple met in Berlin over ten years ago. Their sex lives were slowed after the birth of their first child. 

Lacey started a “pussy-gazing” class that took her to various festivals in the UK, where she realized there was a demand for intimate coaching.

They launched the podcast Lacey and Flynn Have Sex in April 2021, in which they discuss topics around sex and record their ‘sex sessions’, describing what they’re doing to each other in order to ‘help  listeners have more fulfilling sex’. 

Since then, they have gained thousands of followers, with listeners in 50 countries and 40,000 downloads,  telling The Guardian: ‘We don’t have a weird fetish where we want to expose ourselves, but only via sound.’

Lacey Haynes, 37, and Flynn Talbot, 40, who live in Sussex, have released a podcast in which they record themselves having sex with each other

Flynn Talbot and Lacey Haynes (both 37) both from Sussex have released a podcast that records them having sex together 

They launched the podcast Lacey and Flynn Have Sex in April 2021, in which they discuss topics around sex and relationships and record their 'sessions', describing what they're doing to each other and how it feels

They launched the podcast Lacey and Flynn Have Sex in April 2021, in which they discuss topics around sex and relationships and record their ‘sessions’, describing what they’re doing to each other and how it feels 

Flynn failed to turn up for Lacey’s yoga class, and the couple felt an immediate connection.

The couple fell madly in love and moved around the globe to South Africa, Australia and Australia. They married and settled in the UK in 2014.

After Rocky was born in 2017, Flynn and Lacey found Flynn had a stronger sex life than Lacey.

They made the decision to put time and effort in their sex lives, by reading books on diet and exercise and practicing yoga to improve their libidos.  

Lacey launched a 'pussy-gazing' class, which took her to festivals across the UK where the pair realised there was demand for coaching in intimate subjects (pictured)

Lacey created a class called “pussygazing”, which she took to festivals around the UK. There, Lacey and her partner realized that there was an increasing demand for coaches in intimate topics (pictured). 

After a few weeks of planning, the couple started to include sex in their weekly schedule. They now have sex and pancakes on Sundays.  

Their efforts led to a successful business that offered private services. They were able to transform their relationship. Coaching and online classes  

Flynn stated that he was married to Lacey and wanted amazing sex. “I was open to doing whatever it took.” 

The couple launched their workshops and then they asked themselves “What would truly help people” if it was brave. They decided to start the podcast.

The first episode features the couple describing how strange it is to not record as they are stripped naked for sex.

After trying to boost their own sex life, they ended up transforming their relationship and launching a business off the back of their efforts, offering private coaching and online courses (pictured, recording the podcast)

They started a sex business after trying to improve their own sexual lives. 

They didn’t mean to record themselves having sex, but Lacey said the episode   ‘developed its own momentum’.

She described Flynn’s oral sex and how Flynn made her moan into the microphone.

Lacey laughed as Lacey said, “You seem ready to give more — I’m about getting ruined.” 

Meanwhile Flynn said: ‘Lacey is tugging on my c**** and now it’s inside her p**** and now we’re f********.’       

The couple, who have two young children, describe how 'horny' they feel on the episodes before moaning into the microphones

Two young children are involved in the couple’s story. They talk about how “horny” they felt on each episode before muttering to the microphones. 

Flynn, in episode 5, described feeling super horny and Lacey stated that she wasn’t sure how to get from podcast to sex.

The couple could be heard moaning together into the microphones as they had sex, with Lacey telling him: ‘I want you to f*** me with your heart and not your hips.’  

After Lacey orgasmed, Flynn picked up the microphone and said: ‘Lacey had a large orgasm, I was feeling very c**** but I’ve turned it around. 

After Lacey’s stuff has been sorted out, Lacey can be very transparent and allow for a lot deeper penetration.

Despite how unusual the business venture is, their friends and family have been supportive of the couple

Their friends and families have supported the couple, despite the unusual nature of their business venture.

She said to me, at this moment: “You can do anything you like with me,” because she is so strong and free.  

The couple’s unusual business venture has been supported by their family and friends.  

They insist that the podcast only has strengthened their relationships.