It doesn’t matter if you want a complete home overhaul or just a room makeover, it is a great way to start the year.  

However, these transformations from top to bottom are expensive and very time-consuming. 

There are ways you can update your home without having to give up your weekends or dip into your savings. You can actually make a complete room re-energized in as little as 60 seconds.

Kane Hughes, an interior designer based in the UK, shared his top tips to revive a room within one hour. He often used pieces that you already own at home.   

You’re dreaming of luxurious curtains, but you can’t afford it after the Christmas holiday. To create the illusion that there is more light and space, replace the curtains rails on your existing ones.

If you have a dark, gloomy space to contend with, look into the lampshades to see if they can be swapped for something brighter that will improve the light quality.   

This is a quick fix anyone can use, according to Mr Hughes who works with MyJobQuote 


Create the illusion of space: A higher curtain rail makes a space look bigger because the mind thinks the entire wall behind the curtain is glass. Opt for striped curtains for extra height

You can create the illusion of more space by using a higher curtain rail. The mind believes that the whole wall behind it is glass, making a space appear larger. Striped curtains are a great option for adding height. 

By strategically positioning curtain poles, you can make a room appear taller and have wider windows.

You should install a longer curtain rod so that the hardware and rod do not touch the ceiling. 

It will fool your brain into believing that part of your wall actually is glass. 

Next, add curtains that fall to floor level. Add more height to your illusion with bold, striped curtains or plain-coloured ones.

Avoid large-patterned curtains that have a lot to do with your space.


Bigger is better... even in a small space: A large rug tricks the eye into thinking a room is more spacious. It is also essential for adding texture and making a room look finished

Even in small spaces, a larger rug is always better. A rug is essential to add texture and finish a room.

It is common to believe that bigger furniture and accessories make spaces look smaller. However, the truth is the exact opposite.   

A large rug can help make a room look finished and spacious, even when placed on top of carpeting. 

To create the illusion that there is more space, place the rug under your bed. 

This trick can be used with any other furniture pieces, just place the back legs and front legs of the furniture on top.


Get stuck in: Breathe fresh life into a space by rearranging the furniture you already have. The key is not to overthink it and to start doing it - just make sure you keep an eye on angles

You can breathe new life into your space simply by changing the arrangement of furniture in your home. Don’t overthink the task and get to work.

Is your furniture still in the exact same location as when you moved it?

There is no need to spend thousands purchasing new furniture when you can work with what you’ve got instantly.

Not every piece of furniture needs to be pressed up against a wall or block windows- they don’t even have to stay in the same room. 

You should consider the functionality of each furniture piece before you decide on the best place to put it. 

You can also experiment with angles to help your eyes move smoothly through a space. Do it without planning.


Add depth with a mirror: A large mirror can make a room feel less cramped and are quick to buy, unlike a new piece of art. Keep things classic and put the mirror in the centre of a wall

Mirrors can add depth to a space. Large mirrors are easy to find and inexpensive, making them more appealing than new pieces of art. You can keep it simple and place the mirror at the center of your wall.

Mirrors large enough to be used as focal points are great for decorating. 

Unlike wall art, you don’t have to spend hours deciding which mirror will match the aesthetic of your space and where to put it.

A large mirror will always look good in any space, but they are most effective hung on the wall’s centre.

These are especially good for smaller spaces because they can add depth to a small space and make it feel more spacious.


Let there be light! A wide lampshade allows for light to spread evenly around the room

There must be light. You can spread light evenly through the room with a wide lamphade

What was your last stop to pay attention to your lampshade and how it reflects light into the rest of the living space? Most likely, your answer is “never”. 

Lampshades, however, can change the look of any room. They also control the light that it receives. 

Choose a large lampshade to spread the light around your room, making it seem larger. 

If you don’t want to purchase a new lampshade, you could stencil the inside of your existing lampshade or add wall decal stickers to the exterior.

Just make sure to use LED or CFL bulbs, as they won’t get as hot and melt any materials.


Little changes, big result: Save money on a kitchen makeover and start by buying new handles

Small changes can lead to big results: Start by replacing handles in your kitchen.

It can cost a lot to upgrade your cabinets, but changing the hardware is an easy and affordable way to transform your living or kitchen spaces. 

For a completely new look, choose cabinet knobs or pulls that you love and drill them in. 

Even if you have existing knobs, spray paint or replace them to make them more affordable.


Underestimated: A bench is a powerful tool that adds character and elevates any space

Don’t underestimate a bench! It is an effective tool for adding character to any room.

The addition of a bench can instantly elevate a room. 

A bench can be placed at the bed’s end for storage, or you could bring it into your living space for more seating. 

You can also find benches in many different textures and styles to complement the decor of your space.

A woven bench can bring out natural tones and earthy tones within a space, for instance. 

A bench can be a versatile, understated piece of furniture that adds dimension and style to any space.