Jacinda Ardern ruins travel plans for thousands by backtracking on New Zealand’s reopening plan – as the government introduces new requirements to enter the country

  • New Zealanders returning to their homeland were asked to seclude themselves at home for one week starting January 17
  • Omicron threats have caused this to be pushed back to February. 

After Jacinda ardern’s government reversed plans to permit self-isolation in New Zealand, travel plans of thousands have been ruined. 

New Zealanders returning from Australia fully vaccinated were to be permitted to self-quarantine seven days after their return. However, this was rescheduled for the last week of February.

Returned travellers must now be quarantined in monitored isolation rooms. The seven-day limit will increase to ten days.

A traveller will need to have a test done within 48 hours after their departure. 

The country’s Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said the move had been made to protect New Zealanders amid the threat of the Omicron Covid-19 variant. 

It would allow residents to have their booster shots sooner, Mr Hipkins stated. The time it takes for people to receive their second booster shot and their third dose has been shortened from six to four months. 

Thousands of New Zealanders will no longer be able to self-isolate at home as Jacinda Ardern's government backtracks on the country's reopening plan

Jacinda ardern’s government is denying thousands of New Zealanders the ability to live in isolation at home.

The booster shot will now be available to just over 82% of New Zealanders by February’s end. 

It was also announced that the government will start vaccinating children between 5 and 11 years old on January 17. 

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