Emerald Fennell is a Killing Eve screenwriter and this year has been memorable because she had a newborn baby, as well as an Oscar nomination.

Coco, her sister may be eager to see 2021 back. According to my sources, Coco Fennell (32-year-old fashion designer) has ended her engagement with John Robins (39)

The couple had been married since 2019.

Robins confirms that Robins said, “Some weeks ago my relationship ended. This is very, very sad.”

Sisters: Emerald and Coco Fennell

Sisters: Emerald Fennell and Coco Fennell 

I hear that fashion designer Coco, the 32-year-old daughter of jeweller Theo Fennell, has broken off her engagement to TV comedian John Robins, 39 (pictured)

My sources tell me that Coco Fennell, 32, a fashion designer, is now engaged to John Robins (pictured), a 39-year old TV comedian.

Stanbury marries a footie boy again in a home rematch

The pandemic is causing many weddings to be postponed. However, Caroline Stanbury managed not just one ceremony.

Last month Prince Andrew and his pal were married on Mauritius’ beach. 

Their lavish Dubai wedding took place this time. Stanbury said, “I am very happy that I have finally been married in front all of our friends and families,” wearing a Celia Kritharioti white princess dress.

According to the mother-of-3 who divorced Turkish businessman Cem Haibib in 2019, she added: “We had an absolutely amazing day.”

After exchanging vows on a beach in Mauritius last month, Prince Andrew's pal, 45, has said 'I do' for a second time to Spanish former footballer Sergio Carrallo, 18 years her junior

 After exchanging vows on a beach in Mauritius last month, Prince Andrew’s pal, 45, has said ‘I do’ for a second time to Spanish former footballer Sergio Carrallo, 18 years her junior

The mother-of-three, who divorced Turkish businessman Cem Habib in 2019, adds: 'We had the most amazing day'

Mother-of-3, Cem Habib divorced in 2019 and she said that it was an amazing day.

Are you stuck for the perfect gift? Prince Charles is a good idea. But it’ll cost you. He’s charging £60 a jar for his Highgrove Royal Estate honey. You will receive it in a high-end ceramic container, with the Highgrove logo on it and an illustration of a flower and bee. The price is justified by the fact that it came from three beehives located ‘within Highgrove’. Let’s just hope the price doesn’t stick to your craw. . .

Socialist firebrand Williams leaves £1m 

Shirley Williams, the Labour cabinet minister who became one of the ‘Gang of Four’ rebels who founded the SDP, has left behind a very capitalist fortune of almost £1 million.

Curiously, the Liberal Democrat grandee, who died in April aged 90, bequeathed just £50,000 of that and a suite of Edwardian furniture to her only child, daughter Rebecca, a high-flying lawyer. Baroness Williams was accused of sending Rebecca to private school, in spite her Left-wing views.

Newly released probate documents reveal that she left an estate of more than £917,000, with £200,000 each going to her niece and nephew from the sale of her Hertfordshire home, as well as £5,000 to the Liberal Democrat party she helped create.

Ed Sheeran’s income is not dependent on tour. I can disclose that the pop superstar earned a minuscule £591 from performing live in 2021 — compared with £70 million the previous year. 

Newly published accounts for his live business, Nathan Cable Touring, reveal that it racked up administrative expenses of £213,911 for the 12 months to March, so Sheeran actually made a loss of £211,000. 

Happily, he won’t be struggling to pay for presents this Christmas, with a reputed fortune of £220 million.

Petra makes her mark on fiancé Sam 

The most extravagant couples are known for their lavish love gestures, which include a large diamond or even a yacht.

So it’s refreshing to see that £200 million F1 heiress Petra Ecclestone has shown her devotion to estate agent fiance Sam Palmer in a way which would not look out of place on The Only Way Is Essex.

He opted for matching tattoos, the 33-year old said. He reads “yours”, while she reads “mine”.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound like an equal partnership to me — but Petra does bring rather more to the relationship, financially.

The 33-year-old has opted for matching tattoos with Palmer, 38. His reads 'yours', while hers reads 'mine'

She opted to have matching tattoos done by Palmer, 38. He reads “yours”, while his reads “mine”.