Premier League rejected both Tottenham and Leicester City’s bids for a postponement of their match tomorrow.

Brendan Rodgers of Leicester revealed today that nine players have been ruled out due to illness and Covid-19.

Antonio Conte, Tottenham’s boss, said that he was having a problem with his team because Spurs also had nine infected players. 

The surge of the Omicron Covid variant is wreaking havoc in Premier League dressing rooms, but the league has rejected requests to have further games postponed this week, Sportsmail understands.

Manchester United’s fixture at Brentford on Tuesday was called off thanks to an outbreak among the visitors’ squad, while Tottenham’s match with Brighton last weekend went the same way.

Others have contacted me to request that their games be postponed, as the Premier League has seen a record 42 positives in the most recent figures.

However, these appeals fell on deaf ears as the competition was keen to keep sporting integrity intact while ensuring minimal disruption.

The Premier League will reject any future requests for fixtures to be postponed after two matches were called off this last week: Brighton vs Tottenham, and Brentford vs Man United

After two games were canceled this week, the Premier League has rejected any further requests to postpone fixtures. They are: Brighton vs Tottenham and Brentford against Man United.

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers (pictured) said it was 'disappointing' the Premier League would not consider postponing their game against Tottenham on Thursday

Spurs manager Antonio Conte also fumed at his not being able to postpone the fixture

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers (left) said it was ‘disappointing’ the Premier League would not consider postponing their game against Tottenham on Thursday, while Spurs’ manager Antonio Conte (right) also fumed at his not being able to postpone the fixture

Spurs requested that tomorrow’s match be postponed to fulfill their Europa Conference League match against Rennes. However, UEFA has failed to provide a date and the match was cancelled.

We aren’t responsible for what happened. Conte stated that we are entitled to this game, and that it is our goal to get to the next round.

‘The Premier League didn’t want to postpone the game against Leicester, maybe because we have to play against Burnley and Brighton. The Premier League has already postponed 2 games. I can understand, we can understand. However, we should play Rennes against us to get to the next round.

‘We don’t find a good solution between UEFA and Premier League, why Tottenham has to pay for this? It’s not fair we have to pay for a situation that isn’t our fault. I understand if we did something wrong but in this way, for the club, the players, the staff, it’s very difficult to understand what’s happening.’ 

Sportsmail revealed on Saturday that UEFA had asked Spurs to move one of their domestic December fixtures in order to fit in the game versus Rennes that was called off last week due to the Covid outbreak that ripped through Conte’s squad.

Now it is known that Spurs requested the Premier League to move the Leicester match at the end last week, to allow for a time to take part in the European Conference League against the Ligue 1 side. But the proposal was rejected.

UEFA are expected to make a decision by the end of the week on the outcome of the Tottenham’s game versus Rennes after confirming the match couldn’t be rearranged in time for the December 31 deadline.

Harry Kane (centre) and Co will now have to fulfil their fixture against Leicester on Thursday

Harry Kane (center) and Co must now fulfill their fixture against Leicester on Wednesday

They will be expelled from European competition if the governing body decides Tottenham must abandon the game.

Rodgers stated that the Premier League will not allow his team to play against Tottenham this Thursday, despite ongoing coronavirus problems at the club.

Leicester are without nine players through Covid-19 and other issues and Rodgers said his side had been ‘a big doubt’ to fulfil last Sunday’s fixture against Newcastle, which they won 4-0.

Rodgers will be missing players due to illness. Rodgers will also not have centre-backs Jonny Edwards and Caglar Smyuncu against Spurs after they both sustained injuries during the previous match. 

Leicester will be without injured centre-backs Jonny Evans (right) and Caglar Soyuncu (left)

Leicester will be without injured centre-backs Jonny Evans (right) and Caglar Soyuncu (left)

Leicester's squad are so decimated by illness and injury that they have no fit centre backs

Leicester have so many injuries and illnesses that their squad is without a centre back.

Rodgers is now desperately short of this position with James Justin and Wesley Fofana both sidelined by long-term injuries. Daniel Amartey will be back training on Wednesday.

‘Unfortunately for us we were not granted dispensation, which is disappointing,’ said Rodgers. ‘We are a club who have always wanted to support measures.

‘Maybe when you need that support with the extreme situation we were in, we were not able to get that, which was disappointing.

‘We have tried to keep the training ground open and have people functioning. While we had doubts about our ability to play in the Newcastle game, the team played for the good of the sport and its fans. We have also suffered a few more injuries since then.

‘I am pretty sure there will have been games called off with fewer players unavailable than what we have, but we were not given that privilege to allow players to come back and have a fit squad.

‘It would be nice if there was a bit more clarity. It’s a testing time anyway, so not to be given that support is a little disappointing.’ 

Each request is considered on an individual basis. Although the main concern is the effect on the first-team squad, clubs have indicated that they do not want to see matches postponed.

Conte revealed that Spurs players have been back training after their Covid isolation. However, he cautioned that the players may not be physically fit to take part in matches.

He said that players were back in training while other players continue to be isolated. However, for players who are still in training they also need some time. They need to take some time off in order to get back into a healthy physical state. 

“When you have Covid the Covid lasts for 10 days. This virus can cause your body to become weaker. You must take your time, as you run the risk of injuring yourself or others after Covid.

‘Surely tomorrow I’ll put these players on the bench for 15-20 minutes at the end. We have 20 to 25 minutes left for them. 

“I believe that is the biggest problem we have to be solved.” [prepared]towards the future. In order to bring the players who have been affected by Covid back into shape and prevent injuries. Once you’ve had 10 days, players are available. But you must also pay attention to how the training is done and whether your body is ready for it. To avoid injury, you need to be attentive and moderate your training. This is a problem not just at Tottenham, but in other clubs where Covid-hit athletes are involved.  

Both United and Spurs had to close their training grounds after Covid outbreaks, while it was revealed on Tuesday that players will be forced to report to club training grounds for PCR tests on Christmas Day as part of a massively increased screening programme designed to save the festive programme from the threat of an Omicron shutdown.

Christmas Day PCR tests will be required for Premier League players under new protocols

Premier League Players will have to undergo PCR testing on Christmas Day as per new protocols


New emergency protocols were agreed on Tuesday by the clubs. Players will need to submit to up to nine Covid-19 test each week. There are seven PCR and seven lateral flows.

The clubs all agreed to the new testing protocol, but there were concerns about logistical issues, including the mandatory PCR test the day before every fixture.

Because of this, teams away from home may need to travel great distances in order to receive test results so that games can proceed.

Fans also got new rules on Wednesday. 

Match-goers will need to sign a Covid declaration before they can attend. They also have to show proof that their NHS Covid passes or negative tests were completed within the last 48 hours. A check will be conducted on approximately 20% of all those present.

Covid-19 spot checks outside Manchester City's Etihad Stadium ahead of their Premier League game against Leeds United on Tuesday night

Before their Premier League match against Leeds United, Covid-19 spots checks were done outside Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium

Supporters will have to get used to Covid checks with vaccine certificates or proof of a negative test required to gain entry to stadiums

To gain access to the stadiums, supporters will need to be familiar with Covid checks.

The Premier League released the following statement: “All 18-year-olds and older who are attending Premier League matches have to complete a COVID self declaration via their club’s site prior to match day. 

“This online verification requires that fans confirm their valid NHS COVID pass within 48 hours.

On arrival at the stadium, supporters must show proof that they have passed their NHS COVID or negative test. All Premier League ground will be subject to checks. 

Fans risk losing entry to the tournament if they can’t show their NHS CoVID Pass or any proof that they have had a negative NHS carbon dioxide test in the past 48 hours.

Norwich supporters wear face coverings during their match against Aston Villa on Tuesday

Supporters of Norwich wear masks to protect their faces during the match against Aston Villa.

Fans should cover their face when in stadium areas or travelling to matches by public transport. 

Although it isn’t mandatory in the stadium bowl to use face covers, spectators are encouraged to do so in stands and congested areas to help protect themselves as well as those around them.

“Supporters should not be present at matches for those with COVID-related symptoms, or who are in danger of contracting COVID-19.

Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League said that he was doing everything possible to ensure fans are safe and keep grounds at their full potential. 

Manchester United were forced to close their Aon Training complex after a Covid outbreak

Manchester United was forced to close Aon Training after suffering a Covid epidemic.

“The safety and well-being of all remains our top priority. Since the beginning of the season, we have worked closely with the Government and the local authorities in order to ensure that fans are safe and prepare stadium operations for COVID certification.

“It’s important that fans understand the requirements for attending Premier League stadiums. This is why we ask fans to declare COVID status before a matchday. 

“We want everybody to have fun in matches and will encourage fans and clubs to continue to push for safe environment.