As Christmas draws near, Covid cases rise above 90,000. UK daily infection rises 68% to 91.743. Omicron death count climbs to 12.

  • Another 91.743 cases were reported by the Department of Health in 24 hours.
  • It is second in record behind the 93,045 recorded last Friday. The Saturday record was 90,418
  • Boris Johnson pushed off today’s decision whether to add Covid curbs in time for Christmas.  


Today’s Covid cases in Britain topped 90,000. This is the result of Omicron, a sweep that has swept across the country. Christmas plans are still in doubt. 

According to the Department of Health, another 91.743 cases had been registered in the past 24 hours. This is more than two-thirds of last Monday’s total.

This was also the second-highest number of infection cases in one day. It is just below last Friday’s record of 93,045. There were approximately 90,418 infections on Saturday.

The latest hospitalisations show that the number of admissions was flat. Another 919 were recorded. That is barely an increase from 926 one week ago. In the week following 44, deaths rose by 15%.

The Omicron death rate in Britain has now reached 12, with 104 confirmed cases of the virus. Professor Chris Whitty claimed last week, however that the real death toll is probably much higher than this due to how long it takes for the virus to develop.

This comes just as Boris Johnson delayed today’s decision to impose more Covid curbs prior Christmas. Furious Tory MPs asked the Prime Minister to tell the nation if festive plans could be allowed.

This afternoon, Johnson hosted an emergency Cabinet meeting to discuss whether any further measures should be taken. According to reports, no further decisions were made at this meeting. It is now unlikely that any further measures will be implemented before Christmas.

Other scientists dismissed the SAGE modeling warning about 10,000 deaths per day and 10,000 hospitalisations as “fictitious”.