‘I don’t want to be here!’ Terrified driver screams for help as her Prius slides backwards down a snowy hill before being hit by another car

  • As the black Prius descends a hill in Bend Oregon, it loses control.
  • The second car spins 360 degrees as it attempts to stop on the hill.
  • Oblivious people shout at the Prius driver, telling her to run inside.
  • Despite the fact that the Prius driver ignored the warnings she was given, she avoided being run over 
  • The scenes from 15 December follow icy temperatures of 25°F in Bend, Oregon

Here is what happened to a driver when her car crashed down a steep hill and was then struck by an out-of control vehicle. 

Filmed in Bend Oregon shows a Prius black rolling downhill and unable to grip the snowy surface. 

The driver appears to be contemplating jumping out of her car, even though the door is half-open. It continues to disobey her orders and eventually comes to a stop at an angle that’s on the wrong side.

She shouts, “I don’t know how to make this stop!” The woman in front of the camera, and another onlooker told her: “Stay inside your car.” 

The driver of a black Prius lost control of her vehicle on a snowy hill in Bend, Oregon, before almost being run over by a vehicle that did a 360-degree spin as it tried to brake on the hill

The driver of a black Prius lost control of her vehicle on a snowy hill in Bend, Oregon, before almost being run over by a vehicle that did a 360-degree spin as it tried to brake on the hill

This camera shows a second car coming downhill at high speed.

It brakes suddenly and then spins 360° towards the Prius, which is hurling it all the way to the driver, who seems to have gotten out.

“Get in your car!” Warning a woman to keep an eye out for a vehicle that is not in control, and the man behind her.

A second car rear-ends the Prius stationary, pushing it forward. The woman driving the vehicle is seen crouching on the snow.

She shouts at the car in front of her: “I don’t want you to be here!” But the car stopped before she was hit.

The second vehicle came to a halt only after rear-ending the black Prius

After rear-ending the Prius black, the second car came to an abrupt halt

The black Prius' driver is seen at the end of the video on her knees in the snow, shouting despairingly: 'I don't want to be here!' after losing control of her vehicle and almost being run over within a short space of time

At the end, you can see the driver of the black Prius on her knees in snow and shouting “I don’t want to stay here! She almost lost control of her car and was nearly run over by another vehicle in no time.

The scene unfolded on December 15, after parts of Bend, Oregon, received substantial snowfall following temperatures that plunged as low as 25°F. 

Bend has since thawed out, with today’s forecast reaching highs of 45°F, although with more snow predicted for later in the week. 

A dashcam captured similar scenes in Post Falls, Idaho on December 6. On that day, a driver was driving in the snow in dangerous conditions and went into a ditch. However, he miraculously recovered. 

This footage captures the Subaru driver losing control of the Outback after they turn onto I-90.

Subaru’s drive onto snow on the carriageway edge reduces the grip and sends it hurtling toward a ditch. 

Turning left off Highway-41 onto I-90 causes trouble for the driver. 

Car’s back loses traction, sending it hurtling across the grass. The vehicle then dips into the ditch. 

For the driver it was fortunate that the car had a four-wheel drive system, which allowed it to return the carriageway. 

The driver then gets back on to the road and turns too fast, losing control of his car, and driving off into the ravine beside the road. 

Once again, the vehicle is capable of driving on the snow-covered lawn and returning to the carriageway with no further problems.