Fears of a coronavirus epidemic at COP26 are growing after more than 100 police officers were forced into isolation with suspected Covid.

There were concerns about a virus surge as over 30,000 people came from 200 countries to Glasgow to attend. 

Although there is no evidence that infections have increased in the area, there has been an increase in officers who exhibit Covid-like symptoms.

Today, Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, tested positive for HIV after he had breakfast with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Public health experts warned that this event could be a breeding ground for new viruses, citing the fact that almost 40,000 Glaswegians are not fully vaccinated. 

Official statistics show that the city has the lowest vaccine uptake in Scotland. Holyrood’s research division published stats showing that 11% of those who are eligible in the city have not been double-jabbed as of the end of the last month.

This means that around 34,000 adults have not received two doses.  

More than 100 police officers are in isolation or awaiting Covid PCR test results amid fears of an outbreak at COP26

Fears of an outbreak at COP26 are causing more than 100 police officers to be placed in isolation.

Pictured: Police officers escort an Extinction Rebellion protest outside the COP26 Summit as a banner is seen reading 'how many cops to arrest climate chaos?' on Tuesday night

Pictured: Extinction Rebellion protestors are escorted by police officers outside the COP26 Summit. A banner reading ‘how many cops will arrest climate chaos’ is visible. Tuesday night

There is no evidence to suggest infections have increased in Glasgow yet, but health chiefs have warned of an inevitable uptick in cases. Graph shows: Infections in Glasgow

While there is no evidence suggesting that infections have increased here in Glasgow, the health chiefs have warned about an inevitable rise in cases. The graph shows: Infections at Glasgow

Police Scotland claimed that there were ‘operational reasons’ why they refused to disclose the status and number of officers affected by the outbreak.

Multiple sources confirmed to the Scotsman newspaper, however, that at least 103 were affected.

Public health experts warn that COP26 is increasing the risk of Covid outbreaks  

Experts in public health warned that COP26 was increasing Covid risk, including new variants. Nearly 40,000 people in Glasgow are not fully vaccinated.

According to new official figures, Glasgow has the lowest vaccine uptake in Scotland.

Holyrood’s research units found that 11 percent of those who are eligible in the city have not been double-jagged by the end last month.

This means that around 34,000 adults have not received two doses.

It is happening as 25,000 international delegates descend on the city for COP26. 100,000 environmental activists are expected to march from Kelvingrove park to Glasgow Green on Saturday for a demonstration.

Professor Andrew Watterson, a Stirling University public health expert, warned Glaswegians that the influx from other countries was putting them at greatest risk.

He stated, “For months, it has been blindly evident to the average Glasgow citizen that bringing large amounts of people from outside the City into the City, or any other city during a Pandemic, would increase risks.”

“This would include English security personnel and police as well as demonstrators this weekend.

“The risks will be higher if a lower percentage have been double-vaccinated or have received boosters.

“So yes, it is a concern that the most vulnerable residents of Glasgow will be put at greater risk by activities related to and around the COP26 event, including those from outside Scotland.

It is claimed that the officers were given PCR tests, and were instructed to self-isolate on Monday.

The Scottish Police Federation (SPF), is aware of the situation but sources within the union insist that none of its members were affected.

One SPF source stated that the men are not our officers and members. They have travelled from the UK to Glasgow in order to boost the number of chiefs available to deploy on any given day during COP26.

“You need to be realistic and see things as they are. A total of 100 people, just over 10,000, are taking PCR test or are waiting to receive their results.

“It’s a precautionary measure. The numbers are still sufficient to handle any scenario that may arise during the summit.

Operation Urram, Gaelic word for respect, was the largest ever COP26 policing operation. It saw 10,000 officers on summit duty each day.

7000 of these have been brought in by outside forces. 

About 45 percent of the officers were drawn from Police Scotland. The rest came from other forces, such as British Transport Police, Ministry of Defence, and Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

Police Scotland could not confirm the number, but well-placed sources claim that senior commanders feel confident that they can handle any situation.

Police Scotland spokesmen said that they have a Covid management program in place.

“However, for operational purposes [we]The release of numbers of those in isolation (either in waiting for a result, having had a positive outcome) will not be done.

After testing positive today, Mayor Eric Garcetti is currently in isolation at his hotel.

Boris Johnson made a brief appearance on Tuesday at the event in the blue zone of COP26 in Glasgow.

The event was hosted by Mark Drakeford, the Welsh First Minister, and Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister. Michelle O’Neill, Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, and Paul Givan, were also present.

A message from the official mayor Los Angeles Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon stated: “Mayor Garcetti tested positive to Covid earlier today.

“He feels good and is very comfortable in his hotel room. He is fully vaccinated.

The breakfast featured the participation of the prime ministers of Norway and Sweden, Barbados, Vietnam, as well the UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

As well as Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, and Susan Aitken, leader of the Glasgow City Council, the presidents of Zambia, Costa Rica, and Armenia were also present.

According to her spokesperson, Mr Sturgeon had only met Mr Garcetti “briefly”, but she has not been identified by him as a close friend.

Everybody attending the COP26 Blue Zone must take a lateral flow exam each morning. Additionally, there are increased hygiene procedures in place at the venue.